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Explain briefly about the History of Twitter

A social networking platform which facilitates the registered users to read and write the messages is known as Twitter. The length of the messages is of 140 characters and is known as Tweets. Twitter can be accessed through all the devices like cell phones, desktops, tablets.

The idea of an individual using a message and communication with a group was introduced by Jack Dorsey, an under graduate student of New York University. Initially twitter was known as twttr and was launched as an SMS-based communication system.

The first tweet was sent by the Jack Dorsey on March 21 2006 stating "just setting up my twttr".

What is Twitter Marketing?

A powerful tool used by the companies to promote their brands, reach new customers and to connect with other companies is Twitter Marketing. The business is facilitated to respond to the customers talking about the business. An instance of the business is created by tweet which is made visible in the search engine results. The business can be successfully branch out into other social sites using Twitter.

A platform which makes visible the acts of the company for accessing large audience is Twitter where the products and events can be promoted by tweets.

Twitter Marketing

How to create a Twitter account for the Business?

It is to be ensured that each element of the profile reflect the identity and personality of the business. The following are the steps to create a Twitter account for the business.

  • Sign up for Twitter or go to – In the lower box on the right side of the screen provide all the required information such as username, email address, password.
  • Confirm your account – The account is verified by sending an email to the email address provided with a link. The account gets activated by clicking on that link.
  • Make your first connections – Once the account is created, people to follow are suggested by the network. Some of the popular accounts of the celebrities are suggested by the twitter. This step can be skipped.
  • Add profile details − Click "edit profile" on the right side of your screen. Two profile photos need to be uploaded and the basic information has to be updated.
  • Send your first tweet – Now it is set to start tweeting. On hitting the Tweet button, the twitter starts running.

How to Increase Followers on Twitter?

The followers on the twitter can be increased by the following ways:

  • By adding a follow button, the community can be grown and the username can be promoted.
  • Using hash tags such as #smallbiz, the notices can be received.
  • Feedback can be collected to build a better business and thus engage with the followers.
  • Email can be synced with Twitter.
  • Continuously update the bio with the events and the business campaigns.
  • Tweet the people every day.
  • The twitter account can be promoted on any print material such as business cards.
  • The people, who regularly follow, can be followed.
  • It is to be ensured that the customers are engaged on twitter.

What is Hash Tag?

The key words in the tweet are marked by the symbol hash tag (#). The tweets are categorized by using this symbol and are identified easily. They can occur anywhere in the tweet - middle, end, or at the beginning. The tweets with a common topic can be easily searched by a hash tag.


The communities of people who are interested in the same topic can be easily created using hash tag.

What are Sponsored Tweets and Hash Tags?

Sponsored Tweets

An advertising platform where companies are connected with tweeters is known as Sponsored tweets. The brands are enabled to tap into the followers of the twitter user’s to reach to the new customers by the Sponsored tweets.

The tweets are to be written based on the simple guidelines provided by the advertiser and the rest is taken care by the sponsored tweets. The selection of the twitter followers by the companies depends on various factors such as number of followers, and the amount of influence on the followers.

Sponsored Hash Tags

The desired tag of the customer is placed among the list of trending topics by Sponsored Hash Tags which can be seen by the users while accessing the social network.

What are Twitter Promoted Accounts?

The ad units which enable to gain the followers instantly are Promoted accounts. Trust is built and fan following is gained over time by promoted accounts and more tweets are made visible to public. Once promoted account is created, the interested audience can be reached and followed.

Promoted accounts are shown in the twitter section of "who to follow", located on the left side of twitter feed. Promoted accounts help introduce a wider variety of accounts that people can enjoy.

How to Integrate Twitter on the Blog or Website

The following are some of the tools used to integrate Twitter on the Blog or a Website:

  • The twitter widget is added to the sidebar of the website, which makes the latest tweets on the website visible.
  • To promote the account, a badge can be quickly created by selecting from the 40 different well-designed twitter buttons.
  • TwitThis is a little button in the HTML file which enables the readers to share the text that is read by them and their followers.
  • Chirrup is another solution for pulling Twitter comments across any platform. This facilitates in displaying the references from the Twitter on the webpage given.
  • Aweber feature created a way in converting RSS to email to tweet.
  • Twitterfeed is a pioneer of website and Twitter integration facilitating to insert tweets into the twitter from RSS feed automatically.

What is Twitter API?

Twitter API stands for twitter programming interface. The twitter API is used by the programmers to make applications, websites, and widgets. 'Web Intent', 'Tweet Button', etc can be used to the site and basic functions can be provided and more complex integrations can be embedded.

How to Integrate a Twitter Account to the Website?

To integrate Twitter with the website, 'admin rights' of the website are required.

  • Two tabs are opened simultaneously in the browser, website in one tab and twitter in another tab.
  • Click 'Widgets' under 'Twitter'. Create a widget. Copy the HTML code.
  • Finish and grab code.
  • The desired are where twitter box is to be shown is selected and the code is pasted in the HTML code section.
  • Update and Save.

What are the Twitter Automation Tools?

Twitter automation tools facilitate in making the profile appear like announcement board. Some of the automation tools are:

  • Twitterfeed is a service that enables setting up of RSS from the blog or the website.
  • Social Oomph is a tool used for creating a automated message used for new followers.
  • Tweet Old Post is a plugin which enables to connect the Twitter account with the blog and the tweets are regularly posted to the followers.
  • Hootsuite is a tool used for managing less than five social profiles. An option of scheduling the updates to a specific social media accounts is provided by this tool.
  • Visibili is a free service which enables to create a custom sharing bar for sharing the services.
  • Twitter Showdown is a tool that facilitates information about the follower-to-following ratio, level of Tweet engagement, tweet timing, and the mode of comparison of two accounts.

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