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What is Social bookmarking?

The bookmarks are stored, organized, searched and managed by Social bookmarking. The links of the post can be bookmarked on any of the Social bookmarking website and can obtain the backlinks for it.

Many websites are available for Social Bookmarking. Some of them are:

  • Digg – One of the popular bookmarking website where the web links are organized, stored and shared. The content shared on Digg results in relevant traffic and the site is ranked high.
  • Diigo – This bookmarking website facilitates the registered users to bookmark the webpage and also enables to highlight some part of it and sticky notes can be attached.
  • Delicious – The social bookmarking website that enables the registered users to share, store and discover the new bookmarks.
  • Stumble Upon – The website that lets to easily discover images, videos, webpages, etc.
  • Reddit – The registered users can submit the content on this website. The users are enabled to vote for content ‘up’ and ‘down’ and the post becomes hit when it is liked by many.
  • Pinterest – In this website the registered users can discover and upload the images and videos online. A quick link is obtained by bookmarking by adding a 'pin it' and 'follow me' buttons.

Social Bookmarking

What are the benefits of being a registered user on a Bookmarking Site?

Being a registered user on a bookmarking website has the following advantages:

  • The content can be organized and can be bookmarked them for future use. When required, the stacks of the inventory are available to choose from.
  • The pages can be edited in future by creating actionable tags.
  • The ideas and words of the business can be shared among various communities related to the business.
  • The links can be tracked and the backlinks can be recorded.
  • A track of mentions can be kept by making ‘social mentions’ for future reference or the testimonials on the writings.

What are the advantages of Social Bookmaking?

The following are some of the advantages of social Bookmarking:

  • Viral – When a webpage is bookmarked on the social bookmarking website, it is visible to the visitors on their page. If the post is liked, then the post is bookmarked and is shared on the website and thus the website goes viral.
  • Boost traffic – The number of sessions of the content increase as in more social bookmarking websites, the content is posted. More people visit the website as the website tends to get exposed to more people.
  • Capsuled testimonials – The good testimonials of the customers can be bookmarked and the bookmarking site is made available to them. Here all the pages, shares, and links of the page can be viewed.
  • Trace your success rate –The number of votes for up and the number of votes for down for the post can be traced on a bookmarking site. It facilitates in analyzing the success rate of the message delivery.
  • Branding – The website can be promoted by using the relevant and appropriate keywords. It helps in interacting with others in the community and creating brand awareness.

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