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What is Image optimization?

It is essential that the images need to be used in most compressed and clear format as they are very effective and serves as a best resource intensive. The download time and the bandwidth use are affected by the Images. By optimizing the images, the page loads faster, the use of bandwidth decreases and the memory management becomes more effective. Some of the most popular websites that provide these features of image optimization are Flickr and Picasa.

  • Flickr – For image and video hosting service, the most popular website is Flickr, where the pictures are enbeded and shared. The photo researches and bloggers can host the images which can be used for blogs and social media through Flickr.
  • Picasa – The photo sharing website which enables to organize and view the images. Through picasa, images can be transferred, organized, edited and shared. It also enables to share the pictures on Google+ and people can be tagged in the picture.

Image Optimization

What is Image Marketing in social media marketing?

One of the evolving trends of social media marketing is Image marketing. By using the images a boost is given to social media marketing.

  • The attention of the audience is easily captured by the Images. As the content is mostly not read by the readers, the users rely on the images and hence the message that is to be conveyed and shared must be apt in the image.
  • The points that are to be communicated are better illustrated by images. The pictorial representation of text where ever possible is always advisable.
  • The text becomes boring, while images add colours to the content. The interest of the readers can be attracted and the posts turn to be more vibrant through images.
  • The search result rankings are boosted by the images with proper titles and description.

How to choose Relevant Images?

Selection of the relevant and appropriate images for the business is an important task and hence they are to be selected very carefully by keeping in mind the following tasks:

  • Are you authorized to use it? Do you own it? Violation of the image copyrights can cost heavy to the business.
  • Relevancy – The image should be relevant to the content posted.
  • Appealing – Images should be attractive, compelling and relevant.
  • Use appropriate format and size – The quality and the resolution of the images should be in check. The images with high resolution occupy a lot of memory space, but they look good.

The image that is uploaded is the original work and is free from the copyright restrictions.

What are Creative Images?

Creative images are eye-catching and cannot be overlooked and they compel to reader to see the message behind the image.

Creative Image

A creative approach is used for making the images spell-binding.

  • An idea or message need to be posted in the picture
  • The usage of colour splash makes the image noticeable.
  • The gist or the bottom line needs to be emphasised.
  • The picture should be supported by a text.
  • Shades and contrast are used.

How to buy Image?

Some of the images are available in public domain and which do not have copyright restrictions and can be used free of cost.

For professional images, the options are available at the following website, from where the copyright of the image can be purchased.

  • Fotolia
  • ShutterStock
  • Gettyimages
  • Istockphoto

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