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Explain briefly the history of Facebook

A social networking service provider which enables to invite and connect with friends, send pictures and messages, comment or like or share them, is known as Facebook. The start of Facebook has washed out other means of social media and poised a dominant place in social networking.

Mark Zuckerberg, a student of Harvard University founded Facebook in February 2004. Later the developer platform was opened which facilitated the thord-party developers to build application and widgets. A cross-site initiative known as Facebook connect was announced which facilitated the users to publish on the third-party sites in the Facebook newsfeed.

What is Facebook Marketing?

Themost popular social media platform which is associated with many advantages is Facebook. Primaprly a social networking site, Facebook is used for business promotion and advertisement. A brand can be promoted, a company is marketed, awareness of a product or a service can be created by using Facebook.

Facebook Marketing

Effective use of Facebook marketing facilitates the business with exciting benefits and results, thus enabling to improve the brand awareness and reach to a wider audience.

How to Create a Fan Page on Facebook?

The fan page of the Facebook is used for promoting the business, build awareness and congregate support for the brand. The steps to create a fan page are as follows:

  • Log in to the Facebook account.
  • On the top right-hand corner of the page, click on the settings.
  • Click on create page.
  • Click on the type of page desired to create.
  • Fill in all the information required.
  • Click on "get started".
  • Upload a profile picture and click on save photo.
  • Complete the 'about' section and click 'save info'.
  • Decide whether to enable the ads or skip.

What are Facebook Profiles?

The Facebook profiles are for the personal used and are meant for individuals. The Facebook profile is meant for networking with friends and for sharing information with the friends. This is not used by the companies, organizations or by a fictional character; they are only meant for individuals.

What are Facebook Places?

The real-time update of the location of the location and their movement is provided by the Facebook places. It also facilitates the users to know about some of the unexpected coincidences like discovering that they are at some concert as their friends. Once created, the Facebook places maintain itself and the Facebook places can be liked by the users.

What are Facebook Groups?

The common interest of the users can be shared and the opinions can be expressed on a small group communication platform known as Facebook groups. They are mainly used for group discussion and sharing of the related content. When a group is created, decide whether to make it publicly available for anyone to join, require administrator approval for members to join, or keep it private and by invitation only.

What is Facebook Community?

A Facebook Community is about an organization, a celebrity, or a topic. Community pages are meant for general topics and all kinds of unofficial but interesting things. These pages let us stay connected with others who share similar interests and experiences.

How to grow the Business with Facebook?

One of the widely used sites by the users, Facebook has become the powerhouse for marketing activity.

The branding outpost on the web is provided by the Facebook for the business as the information about the company, products and services can be viewed by the customers, employees and media. The business and the staff are directly connected to the customers and fans.

New leads to the business can be generated by Facebook by drawing the attention of the users towards the business offerings. The links, images and posts can be shared. Facebook runs tactics like contests, sweepstakes, etc., that can increase fans and brand awareness of the business

Grow Business with Facebook

What are the latest trends of Facebook?

As the new trends come constantly and as the social media marketing keeps on changing, it is essential to get updated with the current trends of the market. Some of the latest trends which should be made aware by every business are using the cover photo for marketing, different types of Facebook posts, more pictures, etc.

What are Adverts?

The Adverts are the specific groups which are visible to only the highly enagaged people. The more creative and more targeted the adverts is, the more likes, comments and shares is received. When the page posts are boosted and expand the audience for the adverts, more people can view the adverts when they visit the Facebook. Facebook advert facilitate in promoting the business, drive more leads to the sales team. Facebook ads allow advertising a website or content that is managed on Facebook (like a group, page, or event).

The ad on the facebook can be created by visiting the Facebook website and clikc on “create an ad”

How to Create a Campaign?

A campaign is said to be a powerful tool for advertising. A Facebook campaign can be run and simultaneously several components like wall posts, Facebook ads, sponsored marketing, unique page tabs, etc can be drawn. Campaigns can also be used to break down the reports and all the ad sets within the campaign can be easily started or stopped.

Each of the advertising objectives such as building brand awareness, driving web traffic corresponds to Campaigns. Across multiple ad sites and ads, the results for each of the objectives are optimized an measured by campaigns. Each campaign can feature multiple ad sets, each of which has its own budget and schedule. Each ad set can be organized for representing a particular audience segment.

What are the Do's and Don'ts of Facebook?


  • Facebook is used to make new friends and stay in touch.
  • Facebook is used for advertising the events of the organization.
  • Facebook is used for learning the new happenings by involving in the campus community.
  • The customer support page of the Facebook is used for obtaining information about the privacy controls and other important safety information.
  • For a friend request, Facebook is used to check the profile completely before accepting the request.
  • The privacy settings are used when photo albums are built.


  • The personal walls should not be used for announcing the schedules, journey and planning.
  • Maintain the decorum of groups and fan pages.
  • The stranger friend request should not be accepted.
  • Facebook should not be used for ragging and bullying.
  • Without prior permission, pictures of the friends are not to be posted.
  • Personal information like contact numbers, address are not to be disclosed.

How to Increase Facebook Likes for a Fan Page?

  • To attract more attention, a fan page with a appealing image can be created.
  • The posting of interesting page titles and writing suitable descriptions keeps the fan page up to date. Always try to provide the readers with something fresh to read.
  • If any contest is run, the visitors can be asked to like the fan page.
  • If any business is run, the fan page can be promoted with the help of ads as this will increase the visibility of the brand and the highly targeted audience are reached.
  • Promote the page on the official website because it helps to get likes from new visitors on the site. Having a 'like' button on the website is an easy way to drive new likes over time.
  • The Facebook page can be synchronized with other social networking sites like Twitter, dig, etc, which enables to obtain more visitor response.

What are Facebook Apps?

The software programs which are usually added to the profiles of the Facebook users are the Facebook apps. These apps or the software applications facilitate in utilizing the technologies of the Facebook platform. The uniqueness of the software applications has let the Facebook applications gain tremendous popularity.

The Facebook newsfeeds, notifications and various other social channels are integrated by the Facebook apps to provide awareness and interest in the usage of the Facebbok app. To enhance the experience on Facebook, apps are developed.

What are the advantages of Facebook Apps?

The advantages associated with the Facebook apps are as follows:

  • The exposure to the potential customers increases.
  • Online campaigns about new products and services can be created easily.
  • Marketing expense can be lowered.
  • Targeted customer can be reached.
  • Brand loyalty can be built.
  • Multiple marketing platforms can be provided.
  • Budget-friendly ads.
  • Low cost Marketing strategy.
  • The existing and the prospective clients are communicated through business.
  • The business updates can be easily communicated to all at once.

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