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What is a blog?

A journal or a weblog which is regularly updated is known as a blog. Apart from being a content achiever, it is a platform which facilitates discussion. A topic can be discussed and the comments can be posted. It is run either by an individual or small group.


What is Blogging?

All the activities and skillset related to blog and its management is known as Blogging such as writing posts, publishing the posts, designing the posts, social marketing etc. In other words, the process of adding new content to the blog and updating he blog at regular intervals is known as blogging.

  • Blogger (Person) – A blogger is the person involved in blogging.
  • Blogger (Service) – This service enables to compost a post, edit, update and manage the post. The blogs can be easily customized by blogger. It facilities in sharing and earning money. As it runs directly on Google, it cannot b hacked.
  • WordPress – The software that is used for creating and customizing a search friendly website is WordPress. The website can be transformed by using a number of themes and plugins. The WordPress community includes 70 million people. Some of the plans of WordPress are free and some are premium plans.
  • Blogspot – The Free web hosting service developed by Google is Blogspot. The google Blogger delivers its service using Blogspot.
  • Tumbler − It is a microblogging platform that allows to make a blog and customize it. Stories, images, videos, audio, etc. can be used. Bloggers can either keep their blogs private or follow other blogs.

What are the advantages of Blogging?

Blogging has the following advantages:

  • In order to grab a good profile, blogging assists in making impressions.
  • Blogging is considered as a good source of income.
  • The writing skills improve by maintaining the blogs.
  • A blogger can comfortably become a author who can publish.
  • Possibility of getting instant feedbacks as comments, shares etc.
  • As the bloggers read and engage more in the content, they are sound learners.
  • Blogs have huge fan following.
  • A strong network is build by blogs.
  • The technical skills on Wordpress, SEO can be improved by maintaining blogs.
  • The ideas can be shared through inspirational means by using blogs.
  • Blogging is an easy, yet a sure way to build trust online.

How to set a Blog using WordPress?

Blogs can be created on many platforms and can be either free or paid. Using WordPress, blog can be created by the following steps:

  • Create an account on and provide the required information.
  • A web address which is either free or premium need to be selected.
  • A best suitable WorPress plan needs to be chosen.
  • Profile need to be set and the profile page need to be built.
  • Some of the site settings like Site Title and tagline need to be configured.

How to set a Blog using Blogger?

A blog is created by using the blogger by the following steps:

  • Create an account on and sign up.
  • Provide the display name and click on 'create your blog now'.
  • Select the blog title and URL.
  • Select the desired template from the available options.
  • Under the Posting tab, create and edit the posts.
  • Under the title tab, provide the title of the post.
  • The post can be customized by editing the font, size, text colour etc. The content can be inserted in HTML format under the ‘Edit HTML’ option.
  • Select 'post option' if desired to enable readers’ comment.
  • Save the page and the preview of the final page can be viewed before publishing. Click on 'Publish' to publish the post directly.

How to promote a Blog?

A blog can be promoted by using the following measures:

  • Connect the blog to Google+
  • The content of the post must be regular and should be of good quality.
  • The content posted should be search engine friendly
  • An email button needs to be activated for sharing the feedback from the readers.
  • Use the blog link in mail signatures.
  • In order to let more people subscribe to the content, a site feed needs to be enabled.
  • Add the blog to Blogger’s listings. Submit the URL to blog directories.
  • The profile gets more exposure by commenting on other’s posts.
  • Participate in online forums.
  • Branding is done through social media.
  • A contest or a carnival need to be held.
  • Write as a guest blogger. Write multiple pages and link them together.

Blog Promotion

How commenting is done on a Blog?

The comments posted for a blog need to catch a user’s attention and this can be done by considering the following points:

  • Attention can be drawn by adding some attractive phrases like exclamation marks etc.
  • The first comments are the ones which are mostly read and hence comment as early as possible.
  • Refrain from over-promotion.
  • Do not use offensive or rude language.
  • The questions in the comments attract more attention.
  • Regularly update the article and be influential.

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