Six Sigma is About Process and Scientific Investigation - Six Sigma

Eckes (2001) suggests one of the key aspects of Six Sigma is that it moves an organization towards managing with facts and data, too often in the past things have been done on the whim of a leader. The heart of Six Sigma is in the scientific method as exemplified by this practical model, provided by Process Management International (Gillet and Seddon, 2009).

The three question model (Gillet and Seddon, 2009)

We need to begin with a goal and a clear understanding of how we will know when we have achieved it; then develop a plan as to how the goal might be achieved; the plan needs then to be enacted and the results (good and bad) observed. the analysis of these results (and our understanding of the causes) then leads us to act to modify our original plan, which brings us back to the start of the cycle and a test to see if we have achieved our goal before repining the wheel if required.

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