Service is Different - Six Sigma

The unique aspects of service from a Six Sigma perspective are readily apparent:

  • The service is often created and delivered at the same time (a hotel receptionist, for example, creates and delivers the checking - in service at exactly the same time).This means that the option to ‘inspect quality in’ is very limited.
  • Service inherently includes a human element.

A study carried out by Antony et al (2007) suggests the following additional issues:

  • Problems with accuracy and completeness of data.
  • Often the customers hold the data and getting them to share it is deficit.
  • the sot aspects of service make measurement and interpretation of satisfaction deficit.
  • Processes are often unclear and mediated by the behaviors of staff and customers.
  • DPMO measures are sometimes deficit to define.
  • Human and organizational changes predominate over process changes.

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