Process Flow Chart - Six Sigma

The purpose of a low chart is to represent the process on which the team is working. Accordingly it needs to be constructed with the input of those personnel who are intimately connected with the process. It is very important to understand exactly what happens, as opposed to what is supposed to happen. The process for creating a low chart is shown below:

Primary, secondary and tertiary requirements (partial) for an aircraft seat.

This is an example of the simplest type of lowchart that can be used. In general it is recommended to keep the chart as simple as possible, but it may be helpful to use a deployment lowchart for example, which indicates which department is responsible for certain steps in the process. This can be extremely useful for understanding where handovers occur (often an area where problems are generated). More detailed lowcharts can indicate the different types of activities that are happening (inspections, areas of storage etc.) which helps to further refine the understanding of the process. The key is to convey the information accurately and in suicient detail for the team to understand where issues may be arising.

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