Potential Modifications to Six Sigma in Service Environments - Six Sigma

As can be seen, traditional Six Sigma is not a perfect it in terms of tools for service environments. Accordingly, some additions or modifications might be suggested:

  • Lean Six Sigma:This approach embodies Lean tools (such as Value Stream Mapping, 5S, Waste Analysis, etc.) within the DMAIC cycle. In many cases these tools are better suited to address the issues in service companies.
  • Design for Six Sigma: While the more technical tools do not it there, when processes are undefined in many service operations it makes sense to use the DFSS approach to develop a process from scratch.
  • Sot Systems Methodology: As an approach which is sensitive to emotions and varying perspectives, SSM may offer better approaches to modeling service environments than the hard systems view of traditional Six sigma tools like SIPOC.

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