Institutionalise the New System - Six Sigma

As Jack Welch said, Six Sigma has to be seen as integral to the organization, it has to become the way you do business. This happens in a variety of ways:

  • Talking the talk: Managers need to ensure that Six Sigma is on the agenda at all meetings. It should become part of the key metrics of the organization and, as such be seen to drive policy.

  • Walking the walk: Never underestimate the power of visible and active involvement of senior execs and their first line in actually doing projects, supporting training etc.

  • Embedding in daily life: In GE Black Belts were expected to spend only 2 to 3 years in that role full time and then rotate back into management roles in the business so that, over time, more and more projects are run by qualified people within the main business structures rather than experts from the Six Sigma community.

  • Keep Measuring, reviewing and evolving: Fuller (2000) notes the evolution of Six Sigma at Seagate into new ways of working, new areas etc. and expects this to continue. As your organization and environment evolves so should your Six Sigma initiative.

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