Gordon Ramsey method - Six Sigma

Figure is the standard approach to achieving quality. This is the make - inspect approach which is still prevalent in much manufacturing (and indeed service industry as anyone who has seen Gordon Ramsey inspecting and disposing of the food on ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ will understand).

A process using 100% inspection

There are four major problems that can be identified with such a system:

  • It doesn’t work :-100% inspection is not 100% effective. No matter how good the inspector, some good products will always be rejected or sent for rework due to fatigue, boredom or a dozen other factors. More significantly, bad product will get shipped to customers.
  • It is expensive :-The system is costly in terms of manpower; enough inspectors must be employed to ensure that inspection does not become a bottleneck in the production system.
  • It is too late :-Products have already been made before diagnosis, and often there is sufficient lag between production and inspection that any feedback would be meaningless.
  • It misplaces responsibility :-Responsibility for quality devolves from the person making the item to the inspector of the item whilst the control of quality remains where it always will remain, with the person in control of the production process. Thus, the only one with the ability to affect the final quality of the finished product has no incentive to pursue such improvements.

The logical way to overcome the problems associated with this type of system is to apply preventative techniques at the operation stage to ensure that the product is produced to the required quality. This means that we need to understand the variation in a process and manage it on that basis. The long - term aim is to minimize variation in processes so that customer requirements are more closely met than before.

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