Contribution of Six Sigma - Six Sigma

Given the above measures, traditional Six Sigma clearly has a more limited role to play there. Tangibles and reliability would be the elements where Six Sigma might be able to help with things like error and waste reduction and increased speed, as shown by the examples earlier in the chapter.

Application of Tools and Techniques in service sector (Antony et al, 2007)

Six Sigma is still relevant in service organizations, but may not be suicient. Interestingly, it would seem that even when applied the DMAIC process in service organizations uses different tools; unsurprisingly perhaps, the simpler less mathematical tools are preferred with numerical and more complicated techniques used much less frequently as shown in table .

Even though the tools used vary enormously the critical success factors for Six Sigma in service environments correlate strongly with those in manufacturing (Antony et al, 2007). This perhaps reinforces the idea that the most important parts of Six Sigma are not the tools but the softer elements.

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