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When a web designer publishes a website, she or he is definitely interested in the number of times a web page is viewed. Likewise, in Siebel CRM applications, the number of times a Siebel view is accessed can provide useful insight.

In order to collect that information, we can use the Siebel Usage Collection feature.The following procedure describes how to enable it:

  1. Log on to the Siebel Web Client using an administrative user account.
  2. Navigate to the Administration - Runtime Events screen, Action Sets view.
  3. Create a new action set named Usage Collection.
  4. In the second list applet from above, click the New button to create a new action definition.
  5. Set the Name and Sequence fields to 1.
  6. Set the Type field to BusService.
  7. In the form applet at the bottom of the view, enter Usage Tracking Service in the Business Service Name field.
  8. Enter EventType=Runtime Event in the Business Service Method field.
  9. Navigate to the Events view in the Administration - Runtime Events screen.
  10. Create a new record and set the Sequence field to 2.
  11. Set the Object Type field to Application.
  12. In the Object Name field, click the select button and select the name of the application you are using.
  13. If you are unsure about the "technical" application name, you can look up the value of the ApplicationName parameter in the Siebel Developer Web Client's configuration file (.cfg).

  14. In the Event field, enter ViewActivated.
  15. Set the Action Set Name field to Usage Collection (the name of the action set created earlier).
  16. Navigate to the Administration - Application screen, System Preferences view.
  17. Set the system preferences for Siebel Usage Collection according to the table below.


Siebel Usage Collection

Restart the application object manager component.

To verify the correct setup of Siebel Usage Collection, we can log in to the Siebel Web Client and navigate to several views. After a few minutes,an XML file should be present in the directory specified by the UsageTracking LogFile Dir system preference.

The entries in the file indicate the username, IP address of the client machine,the time of accessing and leaving the view, and the view name.The screenshot below shows a portion of the Siebel Usage Tracking log file in XML format.


portion of the Siebel Usage Tracking log file in XML format

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