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Implementing Siebel CRM for thousands of users in corporations that do business across the globe is not something a single person would do on a single day. Sometimes,hundreds of technicians,IT architects and business analysts are involved to fulfil the company's requirements.Siebel CRM projects can be costly, lengthy, and sometimes risky expeditions into rough terrain.

In a typical Siebel CRM project, people from various companies—integrators and IT staff of the customer—work together to install and set up the different Siebel environments from first prototyping areas over the development,test,and training environments,to the final production environment.

Siebel and third-party software for these environments are typically installed on multiple server machines and it is not unusual to find a mix of operating systems. What is expected from us—being the reliable and trustworthy expert that the customer hired to install Siebel CRM on their systems—is a planning document.The key to a useful planning document is knowledge about the customer's IT infrastructure, as well as the Siebel installation and configuration processes.

The following is an example of a typical planning document that provides all the information that is needed to successfully install the Siebel CRM infrastructure on Microsoft Windows machines.The official Siebel Installation Guide includes a Deployment Planning Worksheet, which can serve as a starting point. In a real life project,we can use any spreadsheet application to create and collaborate on this information.

For the sake of example and simplicity, passwords in the sample document are written in clear text.In a real life project,we must ensure that no sensitive information is included in the document. Rather,we can use common encryption tools to secure the information or leave references in the planning document to where the information is.

Sample planning document

The following table is a sample planning document for information regarding the relational database management system (RDBMS) to host the Siebel database.We record information about the RDBMS vendor and version as well as the machine hostname and administrative user account.For a typical Siebel CRM installation, we also plan the creation of two tablespaces.

Details on how to create tablespaces and undertake other prerequisite installation steps are described later in this


Sample planning document

More planning information

Of course,a decent planning document contains more than just a series of tables.Sometimes,we might need to bring specialists on board to define the necessary amount of servers,the hardware configuration, and so forth.Security-related information such as user accounts,remote access settings,or simply the phone numbers of the firewall administrators, can help the project team to finish a Siebel CRM infrastructure provisioning on time.

Certainly, the project plan will include a timeline.We will not go into details of project management in this but we should ensure that our project plan provides enough time and money for training—for both technicians and the end user community.

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