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Because the Siebel Gateway Name Server and Siebel Server are implemented as services (on Microsoft Windows-based operating systems) or daemon processes (on UNIX-based operating systems),the processes must run on behalf of an account with certain administrative rights.

On Microsoft Windows-based operating systems, we must ensure that a system user account with the following characteristics is provisioned on each machine that will host the Siebel services and the Siebel File System before the Siebel installation process is started:

  • The service owner account must either be part of a Windows domain or identical local accounts will have to be created locally
  • Usernames and passwords must not contain any spaces
  • The password policy must not be set to "User must change password at next logon" (uncheck this value) and must be set to "Password never expires" (check this value)
  • The service owner account must be a member of the Administrators group.
  • The service owner account must have the following user rights assigned in the Windows security policies:
    • Log on as a service
    • Act as part of the operating system

The following screenshot shows the local security policy setting "Act as part of the operating system" for the local user account "SIEBELSVC" on Microsoft Windows:


local security policy setting

Navigate to the user management on your demonstration machine and create a local user account with the settings discussed in the previous section.

Ensure that you add the user account to the Administrators group.Then,navigate to the local security policy management in the Microsoft Windows Administrative Tools and assign the policies mentioned in the previous section to the newly created user account.

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