Shell Scripting Tutorial

What is Shell scripting tutorial?

Shell Scripting is an open-source operating system. This tutorial offers learning about basic and advanced concepts of Shell Scripting. This tutorial covers the basics of shell script programming concepts.


This tutorial is designed is designed for beginners programmers of ruby, perl, python, C, Pascal and unix professionals. Learners should have some understanding of Unix/Linux commands, and competence in using some of the more common ones.


To learn this tutorial you need to know the basics of ruby, perl, python, C, Pascal, or any programming language. One should have minimal programming knowledge like use of variables, functions, is useful background knowledge.
Starting With Linux Shells What Is Linux? Linux Distributions Getting To The Shell Terminal Emulation The Terminfo Database The Linux Console The Xterm Terminal Command Line Parameters The Konsole Terminal The Gnome Terminal Basic Bash Shell Commands Starting The Shell The Shell Prompt The Bash Manual Filesystem Navigation File And Directory Listing File Handling In Shell Scripting Directory Handling Viewing File Contents More Bash Shell Commands Monitoring Programs Monitoring Disk Space Working With Data Files Using Linux Environment Variables What Are Environment Variables? Setting Environment Variables Removing Environment Variables Default Shell Environment Variables Setting The Path Environment Variable Locating System Environment Variables Variable Arrays Using Command Aliases Basic Script Building Using Multiple Commands Creating A Script File Displaying Messages How How To Use Variables In Your Shell Scripts. Redirecting Input And Output Pipes Performing Math Exiting The Script Understanding Linux File Permissions Linux Security Using Linux Groups Decoding File Permissions Changing Security Settings Sharing Files Working With Editors The Vim Editor The Emacs Editor The Kde Family Of Editors The Gnome Editor Using Structured Commands Working With The If-then Statement The If-then-else Statement Nesting Ifs The Test Command Compound Condition Testing Advanced If-then Features The Case Command More Structured Commands The For Command The C-style For Command The While Command The Until Command Nesting Loops Looping On File Data Controlling The Loop Processing The Output Of A Loop Handling User Input Command Line Parameters To Execute The Script: Special Parameter Variables Being Shifty Working With Options Standardizing Options Getting User Input Presenting Data Understanding Input And Output Redirecting Output In Scripts Redirecting Input In Scripts Creating Your Own Redirection Listing Open File Descriptors Suppressing Command Output Using Temporary Files Logging Messages Script Control Handling Signals Running Scripts In Background Mode Running Scripts Without A Console Job Control Being Nice Running Like Clockwork Start At The Beginning Creating Functions Basic Script Functions Returning A Value Using Variables In Functions Array Variables And Functions Function Recursion Creating A Library Using Functions On The Command Line Adding Color To Scripts Creating Text Menus Adding Color Doing Windows Getting Graphic Introducing Sed And Gawk Text Manipulation The Sed Editor Basics Regular Expressions What Are Regular Expressions? Defining Bre Patterns Extended Regular Expressions Regular Expressions In Action Advanced Sed Multiline Commands The Hold Space Negating A Command Changing The Flow Pattern Replacement Using Sed In Scripts Creating Sed Utilities Advanced Gawk Variables In Your Gawk Programs Working With Arrays-shell Using Patterns Structured Commands Formatted Printing Built-in Functions In Gawk User-defined Functions - Gawk. The Ash Shell What Is The Ash Shell? The Original Ash Shell The Dash Shell Scripting In Dash The Tcsh Shell What Is The Tcsh Shell? Scripting In Tcsh The Tcsh Shell Components The Korn Shell The Korn Shell History The Parts Of The Ksh93 Shell Scripting In The Ksh93 Shell The Zsh Shell History Of The Zsh Shell Parts Of The Zsh Shell Scripting With Zsh Using The Web The Lynx Program The Curl Program Networking With Zsh Using E-mail The Basics Of Linux E-mail Setting Up Your Server Sending A Message With Mailx The Mutt Program Using A Database The Mysql Database The Postgresql Database Working With Tables Using The Database In Your Scripts Shell Script For Administrators Monitoring System Statistics Performing Backups Shell Scripting Interview Questions Shell Scripting Practice Tests