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In the preceding sections, we’ve implemented two of the three workflows that are required for our demonstration scenario. The final workflow simply waits for the other two workflows to complete successfully before allowing the product to be advertised. We’ve covered creating workflows using Visio 2010 with SharePoint Designer and Visual Studio 2010. For this simple workflow, we’ll make use of SharePoint Designer on its own and then export the workflow to Visual Studio to add some custom code.

  1. In SharePoint Designer, select Workflows from the Site Objects pane.
  2. From the Workflows ribbon, select Reusable Workflow.
  3. Name the new workflow Product Advertising and limit the workflow to the Product content type.
  4. Add three Wait for Field Change in Current Item actions to the workflow. Configure them as illustrated:
  5. Creating a Workflow Using SharePoint Designer

Since these activities can be completed in parallel, we can add them to a parallel block. From the Workflow ribbon, in the Insert section, select Parallel Block.

  1. Using the Move Up and Move Down buttons in the Workflow ribbon,move the three actions into the Parallel Block.
  2. Set the status to Available for Advertising. Add a Set Workflow Status action after the Parallel Block.
  3. In the status combo box, type Available for Advertising, as illustrated:
  4. Available for Advertising
  5. Publish the workflow using the Publish button in the Save section of the Workflow ribbon.
  6. To attach the workflow to the Product content type, select Workflow Settings from the Workflow ribbon. This will close the workflow editor and display the Workflow Settings page instead.
  7. From the Workflow Settings ribbon, select Associate to Content Type | Product.
  8. On the Add a Workflow page, set the Start Options to Start This Workflow When A New Item Is Created. Click OK to complete the process.

We can now create a new product and, using the workflows that we’ve implemented, complete the process defined in our demonstration scenario. When a new item is added to the Products list, our workflows are started automatically. The Product Publishing workflow creates tasks for the capture of additional information, while the Environmental Compliance workflow submits a calculation request to our sample calculation engine. When both of these workflows are complete, the Product Advertising workflow completes with a status of Available for Advertising.

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