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What is SOA based mobile application development?

Mobiles have occupied great place in today’s world. While, the mobile web is available at less rates with faster services to the users. The web based mobile solutions are need to be communicated with backend in the enterprise environment.

The following figure explains about the SOA based mobile application development:


  • Let’s see the above figure to explain about how the configuration of mobile solutions can be simplified by the service orientation.
  • The main goal of the process is to read bar code of the items from the mobile phones.
  • After that , user will fill the form and send it to the server. The message will not be send to the server directly, but it uses the interpreter called Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) to process the data and send the message to appropriate server.
  • Finally the message will get store into the database.

Mobile Part

Mobile part is an application which runs on mobile phone to store the data in a local database. A user can check the unset data if they trying to send them again.

Communication Middleware

The ESB sources as middleware between server and mobile phones to send the stored data from the mobile phones and processes the stored messages across databases. Middleware more customized part among the mobile phones and server which resulted in the success of the system.

Server Side Part

The server side part is well known as web view which is used to provide the collected data to be retrieved from the database.

The above mentioned three parts (Mobile Part, Communication Middleware, ServerSide Part) mentioned that mobile solutions are used in the systematic way by using the service oriented architectures.

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