SOA Event Driven - Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

What is the vent driven architecture in SOA?

Event-driven architecture is a tool used to design and implement the applications to transmit across decoupled software components and services.

To make these connections are available between the different events which cannot be appear clear, then the event-driven SOA allows business users to monitor and analyze the events. SOA is used to create high-level business events from many low-level system events. Usually events are created by filtering real-time data with other details like dependencies or casual relationships are discovered while connecting with other events.

An event-driven architecture is comprises of Event Producers which are the source of the event. It reveals that the event has occurred and Event Consumers are the entity that needs to know the event has occurred.

  • Event consumers typically subscribe to an intermediary event manager, whereas event producers publish to this manager.
  • The event manager receives an event form the event producer and forwards that event to all the event consumers that are registered.
  • The manager can also store the event and try to forward that event later, if the event consumer is unavailable. This event transmission method is known as store and forward in message-based systems.

However the event-driven is occurred across the concept of decoupled relationships among the event producers and event consumers. While, an event consumer is related with the event that has been occurred, instead of bothering about where and why an event occurs. Supporting the large number of creators and consumers to exchange status and response in real time is a good advantage of event-driven architecture.

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