Using Page Factories with Page Objects - Selenium

The code that we have learnt to write earlier can be quite verbose. To clean up our code, we can start to use Page Factories. This allows us to annotate variables in our page objects with how to search the page.

This means that we don't have to have full

WebElement element = driver.findElement(...); code all over the file. We can change it to:

@FindBy(how=How.ID, using="foo")

WebElement foo;

As you can see this can make our code slightly easier to read and therefore more maintainable. If you regularly use other languages like Ruby or Python, you will notice that they don't have the PageFactory support project. This is because those languages don't have Factory constructs in the language. They are not idiomatic and therefore not in the language.

To use the PageFactory project in WebDriver, we will have to make sure that the we have added it as a dependency.

Let us now update our previous code from with an example of the PageFactory.

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