Understanding Selenium Grid - Selenium

Selenium Grid is a version of Selenium that allows teams to set up a number of Selenium instances and then have one central point to send your Selenium commands to. This differs from what we saw in Selenium RemoteWebDriver where we always had to explicitly say where the Selenium Server is as well as know what browsers that server can handle.With Selenium Grid we just ask for a specific browser, and then the hub that is part of Selenium Grid will route all the Selenium commands through to the Remote Control you want.

Selenium Grid also allows us to call a specific browser on a specific platform with just a simple update to the desired capabilities object that we learnt about in previous chapters. This allows us to route our tests accordingly so that we know that we are testing on the right browser on the right platform. We can see an example of this in the following screenshot:

We will see how to create tests for this later in the chapter but for now let's have a look at making sure we have all the necessary items ready for the grid.
We are now ready to start setting up the grid.

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