Time for action – setting up the simulator - Selenium

In this section, we are going to be making sure that we have the simulator or device ready. To do this we will need to do the following:

  1. If you haven't checked the Selenium Code out, follow the steps at http :// code.google.com /p/selenium /source/ checkout.

  2. Open selenium/iphone/iWebDriver.xcodeprojinXCode.

  3. If you want to build it for the simulator, set your build configuration to Simulator / iPad OS 5.0 / iWebDriver. This is done in a drop-down box in the top-left of the project window.

  4. Click Build & Go! iWebDriver will be built and the simulator will start.You can see what it will look like in the following screenshot:

What just happened?

We have just got all the requirements ready to start writing our first test.After making sure that we have XCode, which has the iOS SDK, we were able to start the simulator and have iWebDriver installed.
We will now have a look at how to set up running your tests against a real device. Before we do that, we are going to have to make sure that we have set up a provisioning profile.
To do this we need to do the following. One thing to note is that you will have to pay US$99 to join the iOS program. To do this:

  1. Get a developer account from Apple. This is done at https://developer.apple. com.

  2. Create a certificate signing request.

  3. Open Keychain Access:

  4. Request a Certificate from a certificate authority by doing Keychain Access |Certificate Assistant| Request a Certificate From a Certificate Authority:

  5. Complete the form as show in the following screenshot:

  6. Click Continue and then save the file to somewhere that you will be able to access it:

  7. Click Continue and then it should say that it was successful as shown in the following screenshot:

  8. Go to the iPhone Developer Program Portal on https://developer.apple.com.

  9. Launch the Assistant as in the following screenshot:

  10. Go through the Provisioning Assistant and complete all the steps that you are asked to do:

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