Time for action – setting the environment when starting Selenium Remote Control - Selenium

Now that we need to get Internet Explorer Selenium Remote Controls added to our grid, we have to add the -browser argument to our call with the target on the configured environments. Since we want to use Internet Explorer, we can use the IE on Windows target.

  1. Open a console or command prompt.

  2. Run the command:

    java -jar selenium-server-stand a lone.jar -role node -hub http:// local host: 4444/grid/register -browser browser Name="internet explorer",max Instances=1,platform=WINDOWS
  3. When it is running your hub page should look like this:

What just happened?

We have just seen how we can create grid nodes to only have the browsers that we want. We chose Internet Explorer but we could also choose Firefox, Google Chrome, or Opera. This is quite useful when we need to test a large amount of browser and operating system combinations. If you enter -browser on the command line, it will add those browsers too.

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