Time for action - finding elements by link text - Selenium

Probably the most common element on a page is a link. Links allow pages to be joined together so end users can navigate your site with confidence. You can see a screenshot of the element being found in Selenium IDE.

  1. To specify that you want to follow a link you would use the target link=link.

  2. On http ://www.wisdomjobs.com/chapter(Locators), there is a link to the index page of the site. In the Targettextbox in Selenium IDE, we are going to need to add link=lndex. If you click Find button on Selenium IDE you will see the following:

  3. What just happened?

    We have seen how we can find links that are on that page so that they can be used in your test. All that is needed is the inner text of the nodes in the DOM.

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