Time for action – adding Selenium IDE comments - Selenium

To add comments to your tests do the following steps:

  1. In the test that was created earlier, right-click on a step. For example, the verify step.

  2. The Selenium IDE context menu will be visible as shown in the following screen shot.

  3. Click on Insert New Comment. A space will appear between the Selenium commands.

  4. Click on the Command text box and enter in a comment so that you can use it for future maintenance. It will look like the following screen shot:

  5. What just happened?

    We have just had a look at how to create comments. Comments will always appear as purple text in the IDE. This, like in most IDEs, is to help you spot comments quicker when looking through your test cases. Now that we know how to keep our tests maintainable with comments, let's carry on working with Selenium IDE to record/ tweak/ replay our scripts.

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