Running with OperaDriver on a mobile device - Selenium

In this section we are going to have a look at using the OperaDriver, the Selenium WebDriver object to control Opera, in order to drive Opera Mobile. Opera has a large market share on mobile devices especially on lower end Android devices.

Before we start we are going to need to download a special emulator for Opera Mobile.

As of writing this, it has just come out of Opera's Labs so the download links may have been updated.

Windows: /download/ 96 9;sub=true;no thanks = yes;location=3 6 0.

Mac:http: // 970;sub= true;no thanks=y es;location = 3 6 0.

Linux 64 Bit:Deb: http: // 96 7;sub= true;no thanks = yes;location=3 6 0.

Tarball:;sub=true;no thanks = yes;location=3 6 0.

Linux32Bit:Deb:http: // 96 5;sub=true;nothanks = yes;location=3 6 0.

TarBall:;sub=true;no thanks=yes;location=3 6 0.

Let's now see this in action.

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