Important initial points - Selenium

While you can use the Android emulator for the Android parts of the chapter, it is highly recommended that you have a real device thatyou can use. The reason is that the emulator tries to emulate the hardware that phones run on. This means that it needs to translate it to a low-level command that ARM-based devices would understand. A real iOS device is not needed as that simulates a device and therefore is significantly faster. The device will also need to have Android 4.0+ or better known as Ice Cream Sandwich.You will need to download the Android App from list.

It will be named android-server-<version>.apk where <version> is the latest version.

You will however need to have a machine with OS X on to start the simulator since it is part of XCode. If you do not have XCode installed you can download it via the AppStore. You will also need to install all of the command-line tools that come with XCode.You will also need to check out the Selenium code from its source repository. You need to build the WebDriver code for iOS since it can't be added to the Apple App Store to be downloaded on to devices.

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