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If one believes investing in real estate is too risky or too complicated, one might want to consider other-tangible investments, such as gold and other precious metals, gems and collectibles. Such investments may entail both risk and reward. Precious objects are items that are generally small in size but highly valuable in monetary terms. The two most widely held precious metals that appeal to almost all kinds of investors are gold and silver. Historically, they have been good hedges against inflation. Also, they are highly liquid with very low trading commissions. Investment in gold and silver, however, has no tax advantage associated with them. When the economy picks up, some investors predict higher inflation and therefore, may think precious metals such as gold and silver will regain some of their glitter. Precious stones include diamonds, sapphires, rubies and emeralds.

Precious stones appeal to investors because of their small size, ease of concealment, great durability and potential as a hedge against inflation. Collectibles include rare coins, works of art, antiques, Chinese ceramics, paintings and other items that appeal to collectors and investors. Each of these items offers the knowledgeable collector/ investor both pleasure and the opportunity for profit. It does not provide current income, and may be difficult to sell quickly.

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