Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Interview Questions & Answers

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Interview Questions

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the way of getting web traffic from regular, general, natural search results on engines. Content providers started optimizing the search engines. There are number of ways to make a website famous. By using cross linking, the visibility is increased. Hot topic in current social environment will catch the users to click on the link. Candidates should have knowledge on how this is all done. There are number of positions available across all the locations. Wisdomjobs focus on providing interview questions and answers to help you in clearing the interview with ease. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) interview questions are useful to attend job interviews and get shortlisted for job position. Check out interview questions page to get more information.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Interview Questions And Answers

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Interview Questions
    1. Question 1. What You Know About Seo ?

      Answer :

      It is process of getting traffic from free and paid listing on the search engine like.

      • google
      • yahoo
      • bing

    2. Question 2. How To Get Top Position In Seo ?

      Answer :

      With the help of two factors we get top position in Search Engine.



    3. Question 3. What Do You Know About On Page Optimization?

      Answer :

      Where we need to work on On page of our site and we can make changes on title tag, meta tag,site structure and site content, links and keyword.And On page optimization we need to work also on logical factors.

    4. Question 4. What Do You Know About Off Page Optimization ?

      Answer :

      Off page optimization means we can work on important factors like directory submission,link building,social media and fresh content.And Off page optimization we don't need to work on logical abilities.

    5. Question 5. Do You Know About Latest Update In Seo ?

      Answer :

      Yes Sir i know about latest updates in SEO

      1. Panda
      2. penguin

    6. Question 6. What Is The Latest Panda Update ?

      Answer :

      The Panda is for improve the search result in Google.The latest panda version is 2.5.3 . All the focus was transformed on the user and now quality content , proper design, proper speed, proper use of images and videos, content to ad ratio all mattered more after the Panda update.

    7. Question 7. What Do You Know About Latest Update In Penguin ?

      Answer :

      In the September 5 the Google penguin 3 has updated. Mutt cutts says it is the new data refresh. 0.3% english language has effected. Penguin is the code name of the google algorithm. It is first arrived the April 24 2012. It’s goal is decreasing the ranking of the website that violate the Google Webmaster guidelines. This guidelines are violated by using black ghat SEO techniques like keyword stuffing, cloaking etc. Lots of duplicate sites are effected by this update. When it first arrived 3.1% search query has effected. But now only 0.3% has effected. Still it is very much dangerous for the SEO. I think best technique is that only directory submission can help you. It can overcome some damage of your site. But after all it’s very bad news for the world of SEO

    8. Question 8. Who Is Matt Cutts ?

      Answer :

      Matt cutt is the head of Google web spam team.

    9. Question 9. What Is Keyword Stemming ?

      Answer :

      keyword stemming is the process of finding out the root word from the search query..

    10. Question 10. What Is Keyword Density ?

      Answer :

      Keyword density make your content stand out in crowd.

      Here is important formula of keyword density =

                  total no of keyword     *100
                 total no of words in your artical

    11. Question 11. What Are Web Master Tools ?

      Answer :

      Webmaster tools is free service by google where we can check all the details like indexing data,daily user, stats ,search query,CTR and XML sitemap.

    12. Question 12. Which Important Factors Makes On Page Optimization Better ?

      Answer :

      In On Page Optimization there are some important factors like

      1. Title Tag
      2. Meta tag
      3. Keyword
      4. Sitemap
      5. Images
      6. Internal linking
      7. Bread crimp.

    13. Question 13. Which Important Factors Makes Off Page Optimization Better ?

      Answer :

      In Off Page Optimization there are some important factors like

      1. Directory Submission
      2. Article Submission
      3. Press Release
      4. Blog Writing/posting/creation
      5. Classified Submission
      6. Social Media

    14. Question 14. What Is Google Sandbox ?

      Answer :

      Google sandbox is an imaginary area where less authoritative and new sites taking place while they are popular and authorized on the web.

    15. Question 15. What Is Lsi ?

      Answer :

      LSI stands for latent semantic indexing.It is data retrieval technique.

    16. Question 16. How Many Characters Limits In Title Tag ?

      Answer :

      In title tag approx 70 characters we can add.

      <title>primary keyword(70 char)</title>

    17. Question 17. How Many Types Of Meta Tags And Their Characters Limits ?

      Answer :

      Two types meta tags in Seo

      1. Description Meta tag (150 characters limits)
      2. Keyword Meta tag (200 characters limits)

    18. Question 18. What Seo Tools Do You Use ?

      Answer :

      Google webmaster tools, Google analytic,keyword research,Alexa,open site explorer.

    19. Question 19. How Many Seo Techniques Do You Know ?

      Answer :

      1. Black hat seo
      2. White hat seo
      3. Gray hat seo

    20. Question 20. What Is Black Hat Seo ? And How Many Techniques Used In It ?

      Answer :

      Black hat seo is technique in which we use duplicate issues like content,photos, video,hidden links,keyword stuffing doorway pages and many other.It is not good for our site because when Google starts its crawling it considered the site is full of duplicate issues and he penalized the site minimum +30 Google page ranking

      Black hat techniques

      • hidden link
      • keyword stuffing
      • doorway pages
      • incorrect keyword
      • link farming
      • mirror side

      Note:- For Best seo this technique is not good avoid this technique..

    21. Question 21. What Is White Hat Seo ? And How Many Techniques Used In It ?

      Answer :

      White hat seo is a technique in which we used fresh,good contents in our site.Never used any kind of duplicate contents in it.It is the best method to get high ranking on the Search Engine..

      White hat techniques

      • Quality contents
      • Titles and Meta data
      • Keyword research and Effective keyword use
      • Quality inbound links

      Note:- Best technique for best seo

    22. Question 22. What Is Bookmarking Sites ?

      Answer :

      Bookmarking sites helps you to getting instant traffic on your site by his powerful social media factor.You can easily bookmarks this site on your favorites list and when it requires you can click on this and you will get this.

    23. Question 23. Top 6 Bookmarking Sites Name ?

      Answer :

      Top Bookmarking Sites.

      1. Twitter
      2. Pinterest
      3. reddit
      4. stumble upon
      5. Digg
      6. Delicious

    24. Question 24. Define Blog, Article & Press Release?

      Answer :

      A blog is referred as an information or discussion published on website or World Wide Web incorporating distinct entries called as posts. Basically, the blog is referred as everything thing where you can include others too. It is more individual in contrast to article and press release. It is also considered as very personal in subject to both style and comprised ideas and information and can be written in the way just like you may talk to your readers. It is also called Web diary or Online Diary.

      The articles are concerned with specific topic or event and are highly oriented towards an opinion instead of information. An article is supposed to be more oriented towards showing up opinions, views and idea. Generally, it is written by a third party or expert of any specific field.

      Press Release is related with a specific action or event which can be republished by distinct medium of mass-media including other websites. It should be simple, short and professional. It conveys a clear message or information.

    25. Question 25. Difference Between Keyword & Keyword Phrase?

      Answer :

      The keyword term is basically concerned with a one-word term, on the other hand a keyword phrase considered as employment of two or more word-combinations. Therefore, it is very confounded to get high ranking in account of one-word keyword term until the one-word keyword has little online competition. Therefore, this practice is not encouraged to employ. In order to drive more traffic and top ranking in SERP it is recommended to employ keyword phrase.

    26. Question 26. Establish A Difference Between Pr And Serp?

      Answer :

      PR is Page Rank which is defined by quality inbound links from other website or web-pages to a web page or website as well as say the importance of that site.

      SERP stands for Search Engine Result Page is the placement of the website or web-page which is returned by search engine after a search query or attribute.

    27. Question 27. Define Alt Tag?

      Answer :

      The alt attribute also called as alt tag are employed in XHTML and HTML documents in context of defining alternative text that is supposed to be rendered when the element can’t be rendered to which it is applied. One great feature of alt tag is that it is readable to ‘screen reader’ which is a software by means of which a blind person can hear this. In addition, it delivers alternative information for an image due to some specific reason a user can’t view it such as in case of slow connection and an error occurred in the src attribute.

    28. Question 28. What Do You Know About Adsense?

      Answer :

      Ad-sense is a web program conducted by Google that enables publishers of content websites to cater text, rich media, image, video advertisements automatically which are relevant to content of website and audience. These advertisement are included, maintained and sorted by Google itself and earn money either by per-click or per-impression basis.

    29. Question 29. Can You Define Ad-word?

      Answer :

      Ad-word is referred as the main advertising product of Google which is useful to make appear your ads on Google and its partner websites including Google Search. This Google’s product offer PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising which is a primary module and incorporate a sub module CPC (Cost Per Click) where we bid that rate that will be charged only when the users click your advertisement. One another sub module is CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impression) advertising where advertiser pay for a thousand impression on flat rate to publisher. In addition it also includes website targeted advertising of banner, text and rich-media ads. Moreover, the ad will appear especially to those people who are already looking for such type of product you are offering as well as offer to choose particular sites with geographical area to show your ads.

    30. Question 30. What Is Ppc?

      Answer :

      PPC is the abbreviated form of Pay Per Click and is a advertisement campaign conducted by Google. It is referred as a primary module with two sub module CPC (Cost-per-click) and CPM (Cost per thousand impression) through bidding and flat rate respectively. In CPC the advertiser would be only charged when the user click over their advert.

    31. Question 31. What Are The Aspects In Seo?

      Answer :

      The main aspect in SEO are divided in two class: SEO On-Page and SEO Off-Page. SEO On-Page includes Meta tag, description, keywords optimization, site structure and analysis, etc. SEO Off-Page aspect are Keyword Research, unique and quality content, link building through Blog Comments, Blog Posting, Article submission, Press Release, Classified posting, Forum posting.

    32. Question 32. What Do You Know About Rss?

      Answer :

      RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication is useful to frequently publish all updated works including news headlines, blog entries etc. This RSS document also known as web feed, feed or channel that incorporate summarized text including metadata i.e. authorship and publishing dates etc.

      However, RSS feeds make the publishers flexible by syndicating the content automatically. There is a standardized file format XML that lets the information to be published once which can be visible to several distinct programs. Also, this make readers more ease to get updates timely by allowing them to subscribe from their favorite sites.

    33. Question 33. Tell Me Something About Google?

      Answer :

      Google is the world’s largest and renowned search engine incorporating about 66.8% of market share. It was introduced in 1998 by students of Stanford University students Sergey Brin and Larry Page. The unique algorithmic ranking system is considered as its key of success. Apart of Google Mail services there are various worthy and useful tools are being offered absolutely free which include Blogger, Feedburner, YouTube, Google Plus, Adsense, Webmaster Tools, Adword, Analytics and many more.

    34. Question 34. Explain Distinct Types Of Seo Practice?

      Answer :

      Primarily two types of SEO are being sporting in practice – Off-Page SEO and On-Page SEO.

      Off-Page SEO is the method of earning backlinks from other websites in order to enhance the ranking of the site. This method include various method of SEO including Blog posting, forum, article submission, Press release submission, classified and miscellaneous. On-Page SEO is the process of optimizing a website which includes on-site work such as writing content, title, description, Alt tag, Meta tags as well as ensuring web-page’s code and design which can be indexed and crawled by search engines properly.

    35. Question 35. What Are The Different Techniques Used In Offpage Seo?

      Answer :

      There are lots of techniques used in Offpage SEO work.

      Major Techniques are:

      • Directory Submission
      • Social Bookmarking
      • Blog Post
      • Article Post
      • Press Release Submission
      • Forum Posting
      • Yahoo Answer
      • Blog Comment
      • Deep link Directory Submission
      • Regional Directory Submission and all that.

    36. Question 36. What Are Meta Tags?

      Answer :

      HTML meta tags are usually referred as tags of page data which sits between opening and closing head tags of a document’s HTML code. Actually these are hidden keywords who sits in the code. These are invisible to visitors but are visible and readable by Search Engines.

    37. Question 37. What Do You Know About Black Hat Seo?

      Answer :

      In order to attain High Ranking in search engine result page, websites go for various methods and techniques which are characterized by two categories. The method which are implemented and acceptable according to search engine guidelines are White Hat SEO, on the other hand, the method which are less acceptable or instructed to avoid in search engine guidelines are “Black Hat SEO”.

    38. Question 38. Can You Tell Me Some Black Hat Seo Techniques?

      Answer :

      Some Black Hat SEO techniques are: Keyword Stuffing Cloaking Doorway Pages or Gateway Pages Link Farming Hidden Text, etc.

    39. Question 39. After Implementing Distinct Seo Methods For A Site, If You Haven't Got Any Improvements. What Would Be Your Next Step?

      Answer :

      I would make troubleshooting for the issues. Firstly, I would designate whether it is a new project. Again I will analyze relevant keywords and phrase for the site I am optimizing for as well as took an insight study of competitive analysis. If the website and pages has been index and appears in the first 10 pages of search engine result page but not in the top three, I would go for some transformation to on page text, page titles and page descriptions. But in the case if website has not been indexed still or dropped from index, might be it comprises some big issues and total re-submission and re-work might be required.

      However, I opined here that this post will be highly beneficial for who are stepping towards marshaling their career as SEO professional especially for those who are still freshers. Moreover, in this post I have also listed some useful SEO interview question for experienced professionals that will definitely help them to grab their dream job and offer a great opportunity to add sparkles in their career.

    40. Question 40. What Is The Meaning Of Competitive Analysis?

      Answer :

      Competitive analysis, as its name suggested it is establishment of a comparison of data between the website I am optimizing and that website who rank highly in search results. It will be a great source of idea.

    41. Question 41. How Can You Know About Your Seo Campaign Whether It Is Working Or Not?

      Answer :

      First of all I would attempt to make a search on all search engines employing relevant keywords and key phrases, I am optimizing for. The analysis of result will say whether the methods of optimization have gain results or lost. I would analyze the report regularly as search engine make update and index. I would attempt to another aspect of website statistics which says about origin of traffic.

    42. Question 42. Can You Tell Me About Frames In Html?

      Answer :

      Frames in HTML are obvious as they used to discriminate the page content into distinct fragments. Search engines treat these frames as absolutely different pages as well as frames also put an negative impact over SEO. Therefore, we should avoid the practice of using Frames and implement basic HTML instead.

    43. Question 43. What Do You Know About Lsi?

      Answer :

      LSI is the abbreviated form of Latent Semantic Indexing. It has been emerged as a technique of fetching data via establishing a communication among words as well as employing synonyms in the midst of retrieving the data from the index.

    44. Question 44. What Do You Know About Keyword Stemming?

      Answer :

      It is the practice to find out root word from search query. For instance, a keyword like “playful” will be split to the word “play” by stemming algorithm that turns it possible. Thus, the search result appear on the screen will contain the word “play” in it.

    45. Question 45. How Can You Enhance The Crawling Frequency By Search Engines For Your Website?

      Answer :

      Including new, original, unique and quality content on our website more frequently enables search engines to crawl more frequently.

    46. Question 46. What Mistakes You Should Avoid While Optimizing The Website?

      Answer :

      The main mistakes that should be avoided are filling keywords in Web-Page, employing identical anchor text for link building, keyword stuffing, getting low quality back links etc.

    47. Question 47. In Order To Prevent Penalty, What Things You Shouldn't Perform To Increase Ranking?

      Answer :

      I would discard links from those websites which is supposed to act as link farm as well as poor quality sites which have low page rank. Ensure that our site must contain unique and quality content without keyword stuffing. Also, I used to avoid any practices of ‘spam’ which include certain affiliate advertising websites, unsolicited e-mail campaigns etc.

    48. Question 48. What Do You Think About Social Media In Seo Strategy?

      Answer :

      Social networking websites are considered as social media which is very effective and robust for viral marketing. Viral marketing has been proved as very powerful resource, in the case if our content is unique, attractive and appealing.

      Some media Site:

      • Facebook
      • Twitter
      • Linkedin
      • Myspace
      • Digg
      • Youtube etc.

    49. Question 49. Define Seo Off & On Page Optimization?

      Answer :

      On-Page optimisation includes work on Meta keyword, Meta description, Title Tag, ALT Tag, Keyword Density, Header Tag Etc. Off-Page optimisation includes work on Directory submission, Blog Posting, Forum Posting, Commenting, Classifieds posting, Article submission Etc.

    50. Question 50. Is There Any Difference Between Seo & Smo? Describe If Any?

      Answer :

      SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and SMO stands for Social Media Optimisation. SMO is somehow same as SEO. In SMO, We spread awareness/Hits of/on website using different social media & networking sites.

    51. Question 51. List Of 4 Min Meta Tag For Seo Purpose?

      Answer :

      meta name : description meta name : keywords meta name : robots meta name : revisit after

    52. Question 52. What Is Cloaking?

      Answer :

      Clocking is one of the way Black Hat SEO, In which website content available to Search engine Spider or crawler is different from content available for users. As it is violation of google webmaster is comes under Black Hat SEO.

    53. Question 53. What Is Keyword Stuffing?

      Answer :

      Keyword Stuffing is also one of the way of Black hat seo. As the name tells more keyword stuffed in content or hidden from user for crawler. Google allow us 1%-3% keyword density on page. And if it is much more than that then it violet google webmaster guideline and it comes under Black Hat SEO.

    54. Question 54. What Is Anchor Tag?

      Answer :

      Basically -- is called anchor tag. It is used for giving Hyperlink in texts. Still More are on the way. Keep Visiting here for more or subscribe my blog.

    55. Question 55. How Many Character With Space Is Allowed For Title Tag And Meta Description?

      Answer :

      For Title tag 10-70 character with space is allowed. And For Meta description the count is 70-160 with space.

    56. Question 56. How Alt Tag Is Useful?

      Answer :

      Basically in SEO, ALT tag is useful for image description. Google can not read images directly we have to give some description to make it understand to google.

    57. Question 57. What Is Robot.txt & Why We Use It?

      Answer :

      Web Robot are known as crawlers, spiders. And robot.txt use to give instructions to these Web robots. Using this file a website owner can block robots to follow some link in website. Ex: User-agent: * Disallow: / Above code means website owner restricting all (“*”) to visit whole website(“/”).

    58. Question 58. What Is Sitemap?

      Answer :

      Sitemap is a place to where one can find all internal links of a website. Basically we submit .xml sitemap in webmaster tools, So that all links should be crawled by Search engine spiders.

    59. Question 59. What Is Soft 404 Error?

      Answer :

      Basically 404 error comes when page for which server get request not found and then server through error which is called 404 error. But when page for which server get request not found and then server through OK in response then it is called soft 404 error.

    60. Question 60. What Are 301 Or 302 Responses Of Server?

      Answer :

      301 and 302 both are used for redirecting the one page on another webpage only difference is 301 redirection used for Permanent redirection and 302 redirection used for temporary redirection.

    61. Question 61. How To Do 301 Or 302 Redirection In Linux As Well As Windows Server?

      Answer :

      In Linux Server, We can use .htaccess file for 301 i.e. Permanent redirection as well as 302 i.e. Temporary redirection. In Windows Server, These redirection done by using IIS Redirection.

    62. Question 62. Define Canonization?

      Answer :

      A simple meaning of canonization is “One Landing Page with different URLs.” As per search engines, www and Non-www version of website are two different pages of a website which pointing same content, sometimes /home.php or /index.php or some other extensions etc. To Prevent these use 301 redirection.

    63. Question 63. What Is Your Favorite Aspect In Seo?

      Answer :

      This is one of the most important questions that people should know. As link building is the main factor if we consider SEO. The question would vary if this is asked to a content writer because the main aspect would be the quality and uniqueness of the content. The answer would be different for other people. The answer would be any of the following: Keyword research On-Page SEO ,Off-Page SEO Blog Posting Blog Comments Classified Posting Press Release Forum Posting You might have any of the answers given above.

    64. Question 64. What Is Alexa?

      Answer :

      Alexa is nothing but the data that shows the number of traffic at your site.

    65. Question 65. What Factor Affect The Page Rank?

      Answer :

      The number of outbound link that is shared in your page as compare to the inbound link at the website page affects the Page Rank of your website.

    66. Question 66. What Are The Mistakes To Avoid Optimizing The Website?

      Answer :

      Following are the mistakes that should be avoided when optimizing the website for a search engine: Selection of wrong keyword. Filling Keywords in Web-Page Exceeding the optimization of webpage. Using same anchor text for link building Getting low quality backlinks. These are the mistake that should not be done.

    67. Question 67. What Is Anchor Text?

      Answer :

      Anchor text is nothing but a visible hyperactively link to another page. When ever you write an article and give a link to the keyword present on the article is know as anchor text.

    68. Question 68. What Is Mouse Trapping?

      Answer :

      This is a browsing trick that keeps the record of the visitor on the website. It looks up all the action done by the visitor at your site.

    69. Question 69. How To Increase The Google Page Rank?

      Answer :

      If you want to increase your Google page rank then it is really necessary to get a quality and back links and do-follow back links To achieve that you can do it by following ways: Blog commenting Forum Posting Article Submission Book marking These are some basic things to do first and then you can go for. Exchanging links to relevant site. Classified ads.

    70. Question 70. What Are The Best Seo Tools?

      Answer :

      There are many tools that help you to make your work easy. Following are the best SEO tools available. HTML validation tool. Backlink checking Google page rank checker Keyword Density tool Index checking Keyword Analytic tool. IBP (Best tool for Search Engine Submitter).

    71. Question 71. What Is Analytic?

      Answer :To analyses the traffic to your site, many sites are providi ng analyses, using this you can track the results for your SEO work.

    72. Question 72. Why Is A Robots.txt File Used?

      Answer :

      A Robts.txt File is used to prevent the indexing of duplicate content on a website or for implementing a no follow rule in an area of a website. Martijn Koster invented this file in the early part of the 90s – the file used more and more with the development well-known search engines as time progressed.

    73. Question 73. What Are Some Of The Tools Used For Researching Keywords?

      Answer :

      Searching for keywords for purposes of SEO can be a meticulous undertaking, especially if you want to choose the most relevant keywords for your campaign. Before using the tools available online, you’ll need to consider some of the elements that are factored into keyword research, such as the count, synonyms, and the competition.

      The Google AdWords Keyword Tool not only is helpful for ad campaigns, it also assists you in recognizing keywords that can be used for SEO too. This tool provides research tools, such as Google Insight, an amenity that allows you to make comparisons of keywords with respect to date, category, and region.

      Google Trends is another aid that allows you to gauge the amount of interest in specific keywords. The Google Analytics tool helps you find keywords that are used to locate your site. Use the analytics implement to measure a keyword’s impact, obtain long tail keywords, and secure other detailed data.

    74. Question 74. Title Tag Seo Importance?

      Answer :

      Title tags influence your SEO initiatives, so they are considered highly important in how well your web site does in the search engine rankings. Title tags show up in search engine result listings and play a key role in how your web site is received. In fact, title tags are as important to your site’s popularity as are the links directed to your web pages and the content on your site. While SEO professionals understand title tag seo importance, this key factor is often bypassed by owners of websites when they are trying to optimize their sites.

      Especially for businesses, title tags are necessary in drawing customers to a website. It’s not enough to insert your company name in the title tag though. You also want it to include certain keyword phrases too. For instance, if you are a tax specialist and are the owner of an accounting firm in India, you’ll need to conduct some keyword research to find the most appropriate phrases for your business. In this instance, you may want to include such search phrases as Accountants in India or include a modifier that includes your city’s location, such as, say, Mumbai or Bangalore.

    75. Question 75. What Is Cloaking Seo?

      Answer :

      Cloaking is a method used by experts who practice black hat SEO to fool the search engines. In other words, the search engines are shown one kind of version of a website while the users visiting the site do not see the same page. This type of practice was more prevalent around ten years ago when Google’s filters were not as adept at catching the offenders. Typically, cloaking was used when a web page was not ranking all that high. Therefore, another page was developed for the bots to crawl.

      Fortunately, anyone who wants to practice cloaking today will usually get caught, which really would not be worth it, considering that most pages can obtain a ranking even when less popular keywords are used. Plus, Google is well aware of the practice, so to take the chance of getting banned by using this approach would be unconscionable if not foolish.

    76. Question 76. Domain Extensions - Do They Matter In Seo Ranking?

      Answer :

      Domain Extensions are used in domains or URLs to signify the type of website. The most common extension, .com, denotes the word commercial and is used the most worldwide. The .net extension is short for network while .org, means organization (used mainly by nonprofits). The .biz extension represents small business URLs while the .info extension is used for resource sites. extension is used for sites on mobile devices, and .us, which is the country code for the U.S., has the most available domain names on inventory.

    77. Question 77. What Is Your Favorite Aspect Of Seo?

      Answer :

      If you answer the interviewer that Link building is your favorite part in SEO, the interviewer would have made up 75% of his mind to recruit you . But the reality is for most people it isn’t, as Link Building is one of the most difficult aspect of SEO. For most SEO’s who are also good Content Writers, Writing Unique Content would be their favourite part.

      For others it could be one or more of the following;

      • On-Page Optimization
      • Off-Page Optimization
      • Keyword Research
      • Forums Posting
      • Article Writing
      • Blog Posting
      • Classified Posting
      • Link Exchange
      • Social Bookmarking
      • Blog Commenting
      • Press Release (PR) Submission

      Whatever be your favourite aspect, it is the feeling of accomplishment and the money which is why an SEO does what he does best.

    78. Question 78. What Is The Most Difficult Aspect Of Seo For You?

      Answer :

      If you ask me “What part of SEO process is most difficult?”, I would say – Off-Page Optimization. Now thats a very broad topic in itself in SEO. If you ask me “What Part of the Off-Page SEO Process is Hardest for You?”, It is Link Building for me.

      Acquisition of Quality Inbound Links / Generating Quality Back Links is one of the toughest parts of SEO Process most SEO Experts face today. Here I am talking Quality and not Quantity. If its not done properly your site can even get penalized.

      When I interviewed a couple of SEO Guys asking them this question, some told me “Keyword Research”!!! I wonder why because that’s one of the most interesting steps in your campaign when you are actually learning what your client’s site is all about.

    79. Question 79. What Is Your Favorite Seo Website/blog, And Why?

      Answer :

      Here is a good list of SEO Blogs/Websites that I have subscribed to via rss feed that gets delivered to my Mailbox everyday. The first thing I do before I start my regular SEO Work is to take a look at all these mails. You may also follow the right people on Twitter/Facebook and you’ll have a ton of great SEO information that is both relevant and up to date.

    80. Question 80. What Has Been Your Biggest Mistake In Optimizing A Website For Search Engines?

      Answer :

      Well, Let me discuss the common mistakes SEO Beginners do when optimizing a website for search engines;

      • Acquiring Low Quality Backlinks too fast
      • Link Building with the Same Anchor Text
      • Wrong Keyword Selection
      • Competing only on High Competitive Keywords
      • Keyword Stuffing on Web-pages
      • Over Optimization of web site

    81. Question 81. Is There A Google Seo Guide Or Any Recommended Google Seo Tools?

      Answer :

      The secret to successful web marketing is by means of adopting the right strategy of Google SEO methods. Most of the website developers try to match the best possible solution, to reach the targeted audience with SEO tools.

      The use of simple SEO algorithm helps to stay afloat for most of the program developers. They affect the sites and to bring about huge turn over’s or inflate the overall system. It is a quest to use Google product effectively and to determine the working methods of the algorithm. The search engine optimization tools helps to increase the site traffic and thereby immense revenue growth is achieved.

      A lot of innovations are still being worked to make the Google product perform better. The basic knowledge of using the related links and keywords to make them more visible to the user pays off well at the end. The search engine optimization is manipulated to work on the basis of a human mind. It is very simple with the kind of tools that are available on the net to make the link visible in every possible way.

      Key tracker and key list generators are excellent Google SEO Tools for increasing site trafficking. To think simple and tackle the problem logically is the keynote of the innovations done by Google in the field of SEO.

    82. Question 82. What Analytics Packages Have You Used?

      Answer :

      I primarily use Google Analytics for Serious SEO Research. The best part about Google Analytics is its Completely FREE. For my Blogs, I just use Jetpack’s WordPress Stats as that is detailed enough too. There are several others though. Here are 10 Other Web Analytics Tools For Tracking Your Visitors.

    83. Question 83. How To Increase Google Page Rank?

      Answer :

      If you are looking to increase your Google Page Rank, you need to do Quality link building. Quality Link Building is nothing but building quality dofollow back links from higher PR sources, especially from those niche relative authority sources.

      Having your link on those websites which have more PR than yours would do good, but PR gets divided among the number of links over there. So look outfor those websites which are having a Good Google PR and less outbound links (both internal and external).

      Some ways that you can get good Quality Links are

      • Article submission
      • Blog Commenting (DoFollow Blogs)
      • Forum posting
      • Classified ads
      • Press releases
      • Link Exchange to relevant sites
      • Social bookmarking (Sites like HubPage and squidoo are popular)


    84. Question 84. Why Does Google Rank Wikipedia For So Many Topics?

      Answer :

      Google considers Wikipedia as an established authority site for any area. It has relevant content on million of subjects that are constantly updated or added to and has millions of people linking to it and referring to it.

      Each article is cross-linked to a lot of other articles that are relevant (Good Internal Linking Structure). As such, it is referenced by huge numbers of other documents or sites with relevant text associated with links back to Wikipedia.

    85. Question 85. Seo Certification. Are You Seo Certified Professional?

      Answer :

      I have seen many companies offering SEO Certification, but I personally think it’s not required. A certification might help a new comer prove his knowledge of SEO skills to a potential client, but in the long run what matters is showing proven results to your clients and getting appreciated viatestimonials or any other means. None of my clients have asked me, if I had any certification and I wouldn’t do it to impress my clients. “All they care about is, will they be in the top 10 or not.”

      I would rather perform SEO on some of my own sites and maintain case studies for the same. Also I would look on enhancing my seo experience by regularly visiting webmaster forums (Sitepoint, digitalpoint etc).

    86. Question 86. What Is A Sitemap?

      Answer :

      Basically, a Sitemap provides a listing of pages on a website. By creating a Sitemap and submitting it to Google, the webmaster ensures that the search engine will have all the needed details about a site. That way, Google will be able to find URLs that cannot be found when Googlebot crawls the web.

      A Sitemap is also a practical reference to Google for providing metadata about certain kinds of content, including images, news, mobile and video. For instance, inputting data regarding an image can alert Google as to the topic of the photo, license, and type. A Sitemap also is used to indicate when the content on a site is changed or how often it will be altered.

      A Sitemap is especially useful for sites that feature images that may be hard to find by Googlebot or contain pages that aren’t linked or have few included links. Sites that contain compelling information or content can also benefit by the creation of a Sitemap. As a result, the information provided by a Sitemap enables Google to assess the framework of a site and better crawl a site

    87. Question 87. What Do You Think Of Using Xml Sitemaps?

      Answer :

      XML Sitemaps are important. It helps search engines crawling your site and articles. Google, Bing, Yahoo and Ask support the Sitemaps protocol that lets the four biggest search engines have the updated page information. Sitemaps do not guarantee all links will be crawled, and being crawled does not guarantee indexing.

    88. Question 88. Is Using Software To Submit Content Good For Seo?

      Answer :

      Software that provides submission to directories should include features that submit materials via recognized SEO methods that are permitted by the search engines. Therefore, for SEO article submission to be safe and secure, it needs to mimic human behavior. Otherwise, the submission will be considered spam, and the material will be barred, which, of course, defeats the purpose of SEO. While using software can save you are great deal with respect to cost and time, you must make sure that it scrupulously adheres to SEO guidelines.

      Therefore, in most instances, it’s best to place your article manually at a site, which ensures the natural building of links – organic connections that add to the credibility of the articles you write and bill you as an expert as well. In no way do you want your content to be regarded as spam. So, to play it safe, it’s best to practice manual submissions to build trust and maintain your search engine rankings.

    89. Question 89. Can You Write Html Code?

      Answer :

      Yes. An SEO Guy needs to have minimal knowledge of HTML and CSS to perform his tasks better. I sometimes use notepad for my html work, if its just simple html modification.

      For my regular work, I use web editors like Frontpage as it does a lot of trivial html code auto generation and thereby saves my time to perform more important tasks.

    90. Question 90. How Many Target Keywords Should A Site Have ?

      Answer :

      There is no perfect number to this question of “How Many Terms/Phrases Should You Target on a Single Page“? What I mean is there is no general rule or best solution. It really depends on the website and on how competitive those keywords/phrases are.

      To begin with, I primarily focus on 2 or 3 main key words for SEO of my client’s page. Once you establish on these primary keywords get on to focus on long tail secondary keywords.

    91. Question 91. Why Is My Site Not Ranking In The Search Engines?

      Answer :

      It depends on the keywords, backlinks, site age, site content and your competitors. The use of CSS alone does not help a site rank, but the cleanliness and ease of site navigation that helps. Search engines love good navigation, ease of use and readability for a visitor.

      Focus on Quality Content

      Put your energy and time to include quality content in your site. The content should drive people to come to your page day after day or week after week to see new updated content

    92. Question 92. What Is The Most Important "ranking Factor" That You As Seo Experts Come Across?

      Answer :

      There is no one most important “ranking factor” that SEO experts have come across?. We (SEO’s in General) find that the META “Title Tag” is the most important one!. However there are others that are equally important Ranking factors for SEO as well such as:

      • Site Content and Relevance
      • Quality backlinks
      • Meta description
      • Keyword Density
      • and the url string itself

    93. Question 93. What Is Forum Submission And Does It Help In Promoting Your Website?

      Answer :

      To promote your website in a forum is a cost-effective way to promote your web address and build your reputation as being an expert. You can promote your site and add to your business by submitting your site as long as you keep to the rules and avoid directly advertising your site. As a result you can gain exposure in one of two ways.

      For example, after you sign up, you are generally asked to provide your signature and a nickname. Typically, you’ll be able to include your site in your signature, relating it to the subject of your site. Also, by providing interesting information on a consistent basis, you’ll no doubt attract visitors to you address as well. By using forums too, you will encourage the building of natural links to your site, which is always good for your page ranking. So, making use of forums is an acceptable and useful way to enhance your reputation and draw visitors to your site.

    94. Question 94. What Is The Difference Between The Google Broad Match And Google Exact Match Formats When Selecting Keywords For Seo?

      Answer :

      The Google keyword tools enable users to determine keyword usage and conduct the related searches in one of three formats, or by broad match, phrase match, or exact match.

      A broad match, as the name implies, will provide a large number of search results. However, the quantity is not an indicator that the results containing the word are associated with sites that see a large number of visitors.

      Phrase matches offer the search word results in a number of word variations and therefore can be useful for developing keyword content.

      However, the best gauge to choose when doing keyword research is the exact match as it details the number of searches monthly for a specific keyword, and, in turn, provides the researcher with the most reliable data.

    95. Question 95. What Is Ppc Marketing?

      Answer :

      PPC, which is also known as Pay-Per-Click advertising, is a method of advertising where the advertiser pays the owner of a website when his ad is clicked. Content sites generally assess a flat rate for each click versus a bid-based price. Bid-based pricing occurs when advertisers bid against each other, with each advertiser informing the publisher how much they are willing to spend for a keyword ad.

      A website that makes use of PPC advertising will feature ads when an inquiry about a keyword matches the keyword list of an advertiser or the site contains relevant material. Also called sponsored ads, these PPC advertisements often appear on the SERPs as well. PPC is offered by Yahoo, Google AdWords and Microsoft, all of which provide bid-based advertising.

    96. Question 96. Difference Between Exit Rate And Bounce Rate?

      Answer :

      Bounce rate is the percentage of people who leaves a particular website just after visiting a single page on this and exit rate refers to the percentage of people who leaves from a particular page.

    97. Question 97. Build Seo Skills With Limited Resources?

      Answer :

      You can do numerous things, at a fairly low cost, to improve your site’s overall optimization, including the following:

      Use the free search engine tools

      Use the free set of tools provided by the three major search engines. Create an account in Google Webmaster Central, Bing Webmaster Center, and Yahoo! Site Explorer, and verify yourself as a site owner on all three. This will provide you with access to diagnostic tools, suc.

    98. Question 98. What Is The Best Wordpress Plugin For Seo?

      Answer :

      A blog which you can review at uses WordPress as a platform and my question is regarding its optimization and want to know the plugin that manages all SEO activities either you experienced or find somewhere.

    99. Question 99. What Is Link Wheel ?

      Answer :

      A Link Wheel made by 3 to 20 or more unique web 2.0 sites around the main web page, to using those sites back links the main site increase their page rank. The sites of Link Wheel are include by links one with another to forms the Link Wheel. Then every unique site of the wheel give a link to the main site. This will help a site get high page rank by using back links for the SEO. This will give the site authority for the keyword term is looking to rank high for search engine result pages.

    100. Question 100. Which Blog Do You Subscribe And Read?

      Answer :

      For SEO, new trends in e-marketing etc. I read Some times I am also using, and Google's official blog.

    101. Question 101. Does The Domain Extension Affect Search Engine Rankings?

      Answer :

      Domain Extensions are used in domains or URLs to signify the type of website. The most common extension, .com, denotes the word commercial and is used the most worldwide. The .net extension is short for network while .org, means organization (used mainly by nonprofits). The .biz extension represents small business URLs while the .info extension is used for resource sites. extension is used for sites on mobile devices, and .us, which is the country code for the U.S., has the most available domain names on inventory.

    102. Question 102. What Is The Value Of Using Title Tags In A Website?

      Answer :

      Title tags influence your SEO initiatives, so they are considered highly important in how well your web site does in the search engine rankings. Title tags show up in search engine result listings and play a key role in how your web site is received. In fact, title tags are as important to your site’s popularity as are the links directed to your web pages and the content on your site. While SEO professionals understand title tag seo importance, this key factor is often bypassed by owners of websites when they are trying to optimize their sites.

      Especially for businesses, title tags are necessary in drawing customers to a website. It’s not enough to insert your company name in the title tag though. You also want it to include certain keyword phrases too. For instance, if you are a tax specialist and are the owner of an accounting firm in India, you’ll need to conduct some keyword research to find the most appropriate phrases for your business. In this instance, you may want to include such search phrases as Accountants in India or include a modifier that includes your city’s location, such as, say, Mumbai or Bangalore.

    103. Question 103. What Is Your Strategy On Geo-targeting Ads?

      Answer :

      The question will seek answer on how you’d approach ads that are displayed for specific locations. Is it just based on IP filter or should you extend it? For example, if I want to advertise for “seo hong kong” keyword only to users who are located in Hong Kong, an IP targeting methodology will only display the ads if their location (IP address) is associated with Hong Kong.

      But what if someone from UK wants to find a Hong Kong SEO agency to optimize its Traditional Chinese content? An extension of this IP targeting should also be based on the keyword itself so that if someone else outside of Hong Kong uses the exact match of the phrase, the ad should still be displayed.

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