Scala Tutorial

Scala Tutorial

What is Scala Programming Language?

Scala is a programming language with modernized multi-paradigm which is designed in order to express the most common programming patterns in a elegant , concise, and type-safe way. Scala programming language has been created by Martin Odersky and it got released its first version in 2003. Scala is a typical language which runs smoothly, and integrates the features of object-oriented and functional languages. This chapter on Scala will explain us the basics of Scala in a simpler and user-friendly way.


This section has been prepared for amateurs who are willing to, and interested in learning the concepts of Scala in simple and easy steps. After completing this section, learner will be able to find themselves at a moderate level in using Scala from where we can take ourself to next higher levels.


Scala Programming is purely based on Java, so if we are aware of Java syntax, then it's easy to learn Scala. However, if we do not have any knowledge in Java but if we know any other programming language like C, C++ or Python then also, it will help in grasping Scala concepts very quickly.

Try the below sample code

Scala Tutorial: List of Topics

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