Warehouse Number - SAP WM

In Warehouse Management (WM), a complete physical warehouse is defined under a single warehouse number. Using the warehouse number, you can manage several individual warehouse buildings that, together, form a complete warehouse complex.

The warehouse number encompasses the organizational and physical aspects of a warehousing complex as a single concept. For example, a unit of weight is defined at the level of the warehouse number. Furthermore, at this level, the system determines the standard unit of measure for WM documents, and special interfaces, such as external interfaces or interfaces between Warehouse Management (WM) and Production Planning and Control (PP), are defined here as well. You can change these settings subsequently.

As an example, the warehouse for company XYZ consists of a(n)

  • Goods receipt area
  • Goods issue area
  • Hall with high rack shelves
  • Bulk storage area
  • Picking area with fixed bins
  • Outside storage yard for special goods (This is also used when other areas are already filled to capacity.)

Each of the areas listed above is referred to in WM as a storage type. WM groups these buildings or areas under a warehouse number.

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