Warehouse Management at the Storage Unit Level - SAP WM

Storage unit (SU) management in the Warehouse Management (WM) applications component makes it possible to optimize warehouse capacity and control material flow utilizing storage units within the warehouse.

Structure of a Storage Unit Record
In the system, a storage unit record consists of a header and at least one material data record (quant data record). The header contains information which is relevant for the entire storage unit and includes the:

  • Storage unit number
  • Storage unit type (SUT) of the storage unit
  • Storage bin in which the storage unit is currently located
  • Status, which provides current information about the storage unit

Specific information about the stock contained in a storage unit is found in thematerial data record. The material record is already familiar to you in the existing system as a quant data record. For SU management, this information can be managed at the storage unit level. The following graphics illustrate how WM handles storage bins with and without the use of storage unit management. For these examples, storage bins are displayed in which 200 boxes of red pencils and 50 boxes of blue pencils are stored. The stock is distributed on two pallets.

Without SU management, there are a total of 2 quants (a specific quantity of red pencils and a specific quantity of blue pencils) in the storage bin . The system has no information about the pallets themselves.

Without SU management

With SU management, there are three quants in the storage bin - one quant on the first pallet and two quants on the second pallet as illustrated. Information about each pallet is stored in the system and is linked to the storage unit number.

With SU management

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