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When you define this inventory method for a storage type, the system sets the inventory indicator for the storage bin the first time goods are placed in the storage bin for the fiscal year. When you confirm transfer orders for the stock placement, inventory is taken and recorded for the storage bin. In general, inventory is not taken for the storage bin for the remainder of the fiscal year, even though a completely different quant is in the storage bin or the bin is empty at the end of the year.

All movements to this bin must be individually identifiable throughout the entire fiscal year. For this to happen, you need to archive the transfer orders when you reorganize the database. A high percentage of storage bins is generally inventoried by the continuous inventory based on putaway. However, it may be the case that some storage bins have no putaways in a fiscal year.

If inventory based on putaway is set for the storage type in which these bins are located, the bins will not be inventoried during the year. In this situation, you should also define the annual inventory method for this storage type so that you can conduct an annual inventory for these storage bins.

Inventory methods are defined for each storage type. To define a continuous inventory method based on putaway for a storage type, select Activities Physical Inventory Define Types per Storage Type in the Warehouse Management section of the Implementation Guide (IMG).

Process Flow
The process of taking inventory based on putaway is illustrated in the following graphic:

process of taking inventory based on putaway

When a transfer order is created, the system checks whether the storage type requires inventory at putaway. The system reads the storage bin data to determine if inventory has already been taken during a previous putaway to the storage bin. If an inventory has not taken place in the fiscal year, an inventory notice is printed on the putaway transfer order, which is also treated as the inventory transfer order. The system prompts you to take inventory and then confirm it.

When you confirm the transfer order (and the inventory), the system sets the inventory indicator for the storage bin. The bin is then regarded as inventoried. The corresponding inventory fields for the storage bin and quant are updated. Any differences between the counted amount and the inventory balance in the books for the storage bin must be recorded in Warehouse Management (WM) in the interim storage area for differences and then cleared from WM and recorded in Inventory Management (IM).

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