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For transactions involving the movement of storage units, you can print four different documents:

  • Transfer order document
    The transfer order (TO) document is the same document that can be printed in the existing system without using SU management. This document displays information about a single item for the movement of a material in a storage unit. If there are several items in a transfer order for a storage unit, a separate TO document is printed for each item. This document displays a bar code, the date it was created and source and destination storage bins.
  • Storage unit contents document
    This document provides a list of the contents and quantities of all the materials in a storage unit. The storage unit number is printed in both numerical and bar code formats.
  • Storage unit document
    The storage unit (SU) document displays several sections with the same SU number in numerical and bar code formats. This document can be used to support your administrative processes. For example, when you need to note the SU number for a storage unit, you can tear off a small section of the SU document for scanning or other administrative purposes.
  • Storage Unit / Transfer Order Document
    The SU/TO document displays information about the movement of an entire storage unit. You can print storage unit documents manually or you can set up your system to print them automatically.

Printing SU Documents Automatically
The Warehouse Management IMG documentation provides instructions on how to configure your system to print SU documents when executing various transactions.

There are three situations when printing storage unit documents is meaningful.

  • when creating storage units
  • when transferring complete storage units
  • for stock removals
    Each situation involves the creation of a transfer order. The document that the system prints depends upon the transaction that is carried out.

Printing SU Documents AutomaticallyPrinting SU Documents Automatically

Printing SU Documents when Creating Storage Units
When you create storage units, on the transfer order preparation screen you can manually control whether the SU contents document will be printed or not.

The system automatically selects the Print SU contents field on the preparation screen when you create transfer orders. This means that the SU contents document will be printed when you post the transfer order to the database. If you deselect this field, the system will not print the SU contents document. This prevents the unnecessary printing of a document which will become obsolete soon after it is printed.

You have a partial pallet in the goods receipt area onto which you plan to add more material items.You may decide to deselect the Print SU contents field on the transfer order preparation screen because you know that the SU contents document for the storage unit will no longer be valid within a short time. When you add stock to the existing storage unit, you can then select this field to print the actual contents of the storage unit when you post the transfer order to the database.

Printing SU Documents Manually
This topic describes how you can print storage unit (SU) documents for a specific storage unit manually.

  1. Choose Logistics Logistics Execution Inbound Process Goods Receipt for Purchase Order, Order and Other Transactions Print and Communication Transfer Order for Storage Unit from the SAP menu.
  2. As a minimum, you must enter the storage unit number and select at least one of the four fields at the bottom of the screen (Document Selection). You can print one, two, three or all four of the storage unit documents listed.
  3. Fields are also provided for print codes, spooling control data and the selection of a specific printer. Choose Print from the application toolbar to print the document(s) selected.
  4. Choose Print from the pushbutton section in order to print the selected document(s). In addition to the print function for manual printing of entire transfer orders (Print and Communication Single Print Transfer Order), the selection option also contains the "Document Selection".

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