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The shelf life expiration date (SLED) for warehouse stock is established when goods are received. This date is updated in the quant, where it can be viewed and changed if necessary. For materials that are managed in batches, the shelf life expiration date is kept in the batch and cannot be changed in Warehouse Management (WM).

When shelf life management is active for a particular material, you must enter the expiration date on the stock placement preparation screen when you create a transfer order. The system can then print the shelf life expiration date on pallet documents.

You enter the shelf life data into thestorage viewof the material master record. This data includes:

  • Maximum time a material can be stored
  • Minimum shelf life a material must have available to be accepted by the system
  • Percentage of the total shelf life that must still be available if the goods are to be sent to another distribution point
  • Time unit used for the shelf life data (days, weeks or years)
  • Total number of days that the goods can be kept – from production to the shelf life expiration date

Displaying Materials with a Shelf Life Expiration Date (SLED)
You use this task to select and list materials in the warehouse that respond to a user-defined remaining time before a given expiration date. This is known as the shelf life expiration date (SLED) control list. This function is only meaningful when SLED management is active. To display the shelf life expiration date control list

  1. Choose Logistics Logistics Execution Information System Warehouse Stock SLED Control List from the SAP menu.
  2. You must enter the warehouse number as a minimum. Additionally, you can enter material, plant and storage type data. As selection criteria, you must enter the remaining shelf life in days. The system selects all materials whose remaining shelf is less than or equal to the number of days entered.
  3. Choose Program Execute.

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