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You can process some posting changes for quants entirely within the Warehouse Management component. The system then carries out all necessary processes in the Inventory Management (MM-IM) component. This processing method is possible for material status changes in both directions between

  • Quality inspection, blocked stock and unrestricted-use stock
  • Consignment stock and own restricted stock
  • Individual customer stock and own stock
  • Returnable transport packing and own stock
  • Project stock and own stock

Common situations used to carry out posting changes directly as a one-step process the WM include such activities as

  • Changing available stock to blocked stock due to damaged cartons, or
  • Converting consignment stock to one’s own stock for use in production.

Not all possible posting change variants are supported by this function. For certain posting changes, for example, for active QM material components, you must initiate the posting changes as transfer postings in IM and then process the corresponding posting change notices in WM. In this case, the status change takes place by processing a QM inspection lot.


  • If you start this program in the foreground, you can select the quants separately using the corresponding functions for the posting change.
  • If you start this program in the background, the system converts all quants that fulfill the corresponding selection conditions in WM and IM. You can also start this report in batch via the control parameter "background."
  • You can carry out certain posting changes directly as a one-step process (the posting takes place in WM and IM at the same time) with very little manual entry required.

The posting change in the WM and IM components takes place in a logical work unit. In case of an error, any system updates that may have already been carried out are deleted (taken back again).

Example: Changing the Status of Consignment Stock
This section describes an example of the procedure used to process a posting change fully within the WM system (see Processing Posting Changes Entirely Within WM). The following graphic illustrates the conversion of consignment stock that will be used for production.

Changing the Status of Consignment Stock

When consignment stock is transferred from the warehouse to a production storage area, it frequently must be converted to one’s own stock before it is used on the production line. This type of conversion takes places after needed material components have been moved from storage areas in the warehouse into the production supply areas. Although many posting changes must be first carried out in IM, you can carry out this type of transaction fully within WM.

The system can be set up so that this transaction takes place automatically as a batch process. The manual procedure is described below.


  1. To initiate the release of stock from inspection in WM, choose Posting Change Inventory Management Posting Change WM and IM from the WM menu bar.
  2. On the initial screen, you need to enter the following data:
    • Warehouse number,
    • Special stock indicator “K” (Consignment vendor)
    • Movement type (for this process)
      If it does not yet exist, you need to create a movement type for this purpose that moves the stock into the interim area for posting changes and back out again.
    • Storage type or Material
      You can also enter other available data on this screen as an additional option. Choose EXECUTE.
  3. Select the materials that you want to convert from list displayed and choose POST CHANGE.
  4. The system creates and confirms a transfer order that converts the materials from consignment stock to one’s own stock in both WM and IM. The materials you selected from the list are highlighted in green to verify that the posting change has been carried out. If an error occurs, the system highlights the item(s) in red.

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