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You process posting changes in IM and WM to change the status of a material in the warehouse. How this actually takes place in the system is described below.

Process Flow

  1. You generally initiate a posting change in the Inventory Management component by carrying out a transfer posting. You can also start this process from within Warehouse Management (WM) for some posting changes.
  2. The system creates a posting change notice in WM.
    Additionally, the system creates two quants of equal negative and positive amounts in the posting change interim storage area a negative quant for the material to be removed and a positive quant for the material to be added.
  3. In WM, you can view the posting changes that were initiated in IM by displaying the posting change notice list in WM. When you retrieve this list, you can display all posting change notices that are still open and/or those that are partially or fully cleared.
  4. In WM, you process the posting change from the posting change notice list to create a transfer order. The transfer order contains 2 items for each item in the posting change notice one to move the material quant into the interim posting change area and one to move it back out again with the status change.
  5. This is a logical step used for tracking data that takes place in the system without any physical movement of stock. In most cases, the material stays in the original storage bin. However, in some instances, you have the option to transfer the material to another bin within the warehouse during this step. (See step 6 in Releasing Stock from Inspection.)

  6. To complete the change in material status, you confirm the transfer order. This clears the posting change area.

Automatic Processing
To create transfer orders automatically for posting change notices, see Automatic/ Immediate Transfer Order Creation.

Displaying Posting Change Notices
To display posting change notices from the Posting Change Notice List:

  1. Choose Logistics Logistics Execution Internal Whse Processes PostChange Via Inventory Management Posting Change Notice Display Single Document or Logistics Logistics Execution Information System Warehouse Posting Change Notice Document Overview from the SAP menu.
  2. As a minimum you must enter your warehouse number. When you display the Posting Change List, all other fields on the initial screen can be used to limit the number of items you will retrieve in the list. For example, to display a list of open posting change notices for materials in inspection, mark the Status open field and enter Q in the Stock category field on the initial screen.
  3. To display the list of posting change notices, choose ENTER. From the list of posting change notices, you can create transfer orders or display further information about the posting change notices.

Automatic Creation of TOs for Posting Change Notices
You can have transfer orders created automatically in the background by the system with reference to posting change notices. The transfer orders are created independently of the deliveries.

You have activated the automatic transfer order creation setting for transfer requirements and posting change notices. For more information on how to set up automatic transfer order creation for transfer requirements and posting change notices, refer to the IMG for Warehouse Management under the path Activities Transfers → Set up Autom. TO Creation for TR/Posting Change Notices.

To activate the automatic creation of transfer orders for these posting change notices, you must start the report RLAUTA11 as a background job. For each occurrence of the indicator Autom. TO Creation, you must define a separate variant. This way, different starting times and repetition cycles can be defined for the different indicators. The following options are at your disposal:

  • The system creates a transfer order for each posting change notice.
  • The system creates transfer orders only for posting change notices that meet certain criteria (for example, date or time). You enter these criteria individually into a user exit.
  • With the help of user exit criteria (see step 2) you can set up the system so that it groups transfer requirements under a group number and creates transfer orders for this group. For information about creating transfer orders based on posting change notices, refer to the section Processing Posting Changes.

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