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The most common type of posting change involves goods received in the warehouse that are posted for inspection. When goods are received into the warehouse, they are frequently held for inspection before they are released as stock available for issue. You use the IM component to assign the stock category Q (quality inspection) to inspection stock. The stock category is not removed until the goods have been inspected and released from quality inspection. Once the release of material from inspection is authorized, you can release all or part of the material for use. The process is as follows:

  1. Release the stock from inspection in WM or IM. QM-managed stock can only be released in QM (usually through a usage decision).
  2. Process the resulting posting change notice in WM by creating a transfer order.

What Happens in the System?
When you create and confirm a transfer order for a posting change notice in WM, the system removes the stock category of Q as follows:
The system

  1. Posts a negative quantity with a stock category of Q to the warehouse.
  2. Posts two quantities to the posting change area:
    - a positive quantity with a stock category of Q
    - a negative quantity with a blank stock category
  3. Posts a positive quantity with a blank stock category to the warehouse.

With these postings, although the stock remains in the same physical location, the system “moves” the unavailable inspection material into the “logical” posting change area and then back into the warehouse as available material. To see what happens in the system, display a transfer order that was created for a posting change notice.

Transfer Order Display Screen

Transfer Order Display Screen

As shown in the illustration, the first item in the transfer order moves the material from the source storage bin to the posting change area; the second item moves the material back into the source storage bin. No physical area needs to exist for this posting change area. This is a logical storage type and is known as an interim storage area in WM.

When you release materials from inspection, although they remain in the same "physical" location, the materials are moved "logically" to the posting change interim storage area with the stock category of Q. When you carry out the posting change in WM and confirm the newly created transfer order, the material is moved back into the same storage bin without the stock category of Q.

Releasing Stock from Inspection
In order to release stock from inspection, you can initiate this action in WM or in IM. For active QM components, you must start this function in Inventory Management. To initiate this action in IM, see Releasing Stock from Inspection in IM.

Processing the Posting Change Notice
To process posting change notices in WM to release goods from inspection

  1. Choose Logistics Logistics Execution Internal Warehouse Processes PostChange via Inventory Management Transfer Order Create From List of Posting Changes from the SAP menu.
  2. On the initial screen, enter Q in the Stock category field, a movement type (321 in the standard system) and choose ENTER.
  3. Select the posting change notice you want to process from the list displayed.
  4. To process selected posting change notices, choose Environment Create transfer order.
  5. Select the storage types from which materials will be selected for the posting change.
  6. To display a quant list for the selected storage types, choose Quant list (at the bottom of the screen). The system displays the Quant List screen with two tabs: Available stock and Unavailable for Post.Chge. (If there are no available quants, the system will only display the Stock Overview screen for the material.) Stock that is unavailable for posting changes is listed in the Unavailable for Post.Chge tab. In this list, a reason that the status cannot be changed (such as, blocked for inspection) is indicated in one of the columns.

  7. In the Available stock tab, you enter the quantities for the posting change. You should enter quantities that add up to exactly the same amount as the quantity listed in the Open quantity field near the top of the posting change notice. You can also select one or more storage bins and the Calculate button at the bottom of the screen to allow the system to enter the correct quantities for you.
  8. For an individual item, you can process the entire quantity or enter a quantity in the Selected quantity column which is less than the quantity shown for an existing quant. If you do not want to leave the material in the same bin, deselect the Post to same bin column (the system selects this column as a default). Normally you can enter any quantity in the Selected quantity field. In a bulk storage area that is managed for storage units, if only part of the available quantity in a storage bin is to be processed for a posting change, you must change to the view that displays the stock for each storage unit.

    There are two options:

    1. You can enter the total Available quantity in the storage bin as the quantity to be converted (Selected quantity).
    2. You can select the bulk storage bin and choose the button Display bulk storage quants at the bottom of the screen. The system then displays the stock in the bulkstorage bin for each storage unit separately. In this display view of the bulk storage stock, you can select individual quants and process a posting change for only part of a storage unit.
  9. You process the posting change by creating a transfer order. Choose Edit Process in foreground or Edit Process in background.
  10. For each selected quant the system creates two transfer order items. The first item removes the material to be cleared. This item is always created in the background. The second item replaces the material that was removed. If the material is to remain in the same bin, the second item is also created in the background. If the material is to be transferred at the same time, you have the option to create the second item in either the foreground or the background. The system selects the TO item created column to indicate that a transfer order was created.

  11. To complete the process, choose Posting change Post. The system displays a message that identifies the number of the newly created transfer order.
  12. Confirm the transfer order to complete the processing of the posting change notice. Once you have confirmed the transfer order, the system clears the posting change area (interim storage area).

Releases from More than One Storage Type
When part of the material in a goods receipt for a purchase order is held in the goods receipt area for inspection while the remainder is placed into another storage type within the warehouse, part or all of the stock in the purchase order may be released after it has been inspected.

When inspection stock is received in the goods receipt area (storage type 902 in the standard system), a stock category of Q is assigned and an open transfer requirement appears in WM. Because of the stock category, none of the materials in either location can be released as available stock until the inspection has been completed. You have the option of releasing stock from inspection in the Inventory Management component or from within WM. For active QM components, you must start this function in IM.

Procedure in WM
Once the stock has been released from inspection in IM, you use the same steps to complete the posting change in WM as those described in Releasing Stock from Inspection. The only difference is that when you select quantities in the Quant List, you cannot deselect the Post in same bin column for quants that are still in the goods receipt area. This is because an open transfer requirement exists for these quants and they must be left in the same bin.

When you process the posting change, the system updates the corresponding transfer requirement items for the amount in the transfer order. In addition, the system creates a new item in the transfer requirement to place the remaining materials released from inspection into available stock.

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