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This goods receipt is a delivery of goods based on a purchase order. The following procedure explains how the goods are posted with the Inventory Management (IM) component into the Warehouse Management (WM) system.

Tasks in Inventory Management

  1. Choose Logistics Materials Management Inventory Management Goods Movement Goods Receipt For Purchase Order PO Number Known from the SAP menu.
  2. On the initial screen, you must enter at least the appropriate movement type (101) and a purchase order number. Choose ENTER.
  3. Post the data to the database.
    The system returns to the initial screen and confirms the goods receipt posting. The system automatically generates a transfer requirement and posts the quant(s) to the interim storage area for goods receipts in WM. The goods are now in the goods receipt area.

Posting Returns for Deliveries
As opposed to normal delivery processing in Warehouse Management, you do not create a transfer order for the delivery. To post a return, you should use the following procedure:

  1. Post a goods issue for the return delivery in the SD Shipping component. This results in a goods receipt posting in IM and, at the same time, creates a transfer requirement in WM.
  2. You then use the transfer requirement to create a transfer order for the stock placement in WM.

Goods Receipt for Inspection
Goods that are delivered from an external supplier or from the company's own production department can be posted first into stock that is scheduled for inspection. Goods that are first posted into inspection stock are not available for use.

The goods receipt for an inspection is identical to a goods receipt based on a purchase order, with one difference. On the IM item overview screen, you must make sure that the inspection indicator for the stock type (the T column) is set. When the indicator is set, the quant that is posted to the interim storage area and the transfer requirement that is created both have the value Q in the Stock Category field. To ensure that the inspection indicator is always set on the item screen, set the inspection indicator

  • in the material master record
  • when you create a purchase order

Process Flow
Receiving Material into Inspection Stock

  1. You process inspection stock initially in the Inventory Management component by creating a goods receipt for a purchase order.
  2. In the standard system, with movement type 101 the goods are moved to the interim storage type 902 (GR Area). The goods are assigned to a storage bin that has a dynamic coordinate, which can be the purchase order number or another document number.
  3. In addition to posting the stock to the goods receipt area, the system generates a transfer requirement.
  4. The system sets the stock category for the quant and the transfer requirement to Q (Quality Inspection).
  5. In WM, you use the transfer requirement to create a transfer order to place the goods into the warehouse. For this procedure, see steps 4 through 8 in the section Posting a Goods Receipt Based on a Purchase Order.

Although the material is in the warehouse, it cannot be removed from stock for a goods issue. Because the material has a stock category of Q, it does not belong to the available stock. For complete information about posting a goods receipt in the IM component, see the MM Inventory Management documentation.

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