Mobile Data Entry (MDE) - SAP WM

A standard SAP interface makes it possible for you to collect data using remote input (for example, via bar-code scanning devices or remote keying) and post it to the database in the SAP system. The SAP system supports the following functions:

  • Entry of data to post goods issues or receipts
  • Entry of physical inventory count results (for posting in WM)
  • Entry of packaging data into delivery documents
  • Transmission of delivery documents to an external system
  • Entry of picking quantities in delivery documents in shipping (when WM is not in use)
  • Entry of data for general movements in the warehouse (creating transfer orders)
    This interface allows you to link to picking systems such as pick-to-light-systems or carousels without the use of WM.

To use this interface, you need to make note of the following:

  1. You need the components MM-MOB that is integrated in the PPEC application component.
  2. You need to create a program that receives and transmits data in IDoc (intermediate document) format that was received using remote data processing equipment.
  3. Technically, data is brought into the SAP system in the form of tables via transactional REMOTE FUNCTION CALL (tRFC) from a central SAP function module. The data is stored as IDoc’s and initiates processing asynchronously. This ensures that data is never lost.
  4. You must decide whether you need an online or offline operation.

Online means retrieving data and transmitting it directly to the R/3 system. We recommend this method, for example, to retrieve data for goods receipts that must be processed immediately.You may use the MM-MOB interface to transmit data offline. By offline, we are referring to the transfer of data as a block at a later point in time than when it was created. The obvious disadvantage is the time delay. It makes sense for the collection of data that is not time critical, such as physical inventory counts. The least expensive method is the use of a file transfer technique. This technique uses an SAP standard interface program to read the data from the dataset.

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