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To transfer stock from one storage bin to another storage bin within the same warehouse, you manually create and confirm a transfer order for the material to be moved. Since the total quantity of stock in the warehouse remains the same, stock movements that take place within the same plant and warehouse number do not require the use of the Inventory Management component.

Reasons for Making Internal Transfers
Possible reasons for transferring stock from one storage bin to another within the same warehouse include

  • Combining smaller quantities of the same material that are dispersed among several storage bins and moving them into a single bin
  • Supplying stock from bulk or rack storage to a picking area
  • Clearing bins for technical reasons, for example, to renovate a range of storage bins or for maintenance work
  • Transferring stock as soon as a specified capacity has been reached

Moving Stock from One Storage Bin to Another
As with all stock movements, to transfer stock from one storage bin to another storage bin within a warehouse number you must first create a transfer order. To transfer stock of a material from one storage type to another, you can display the bin stock of the source storage type (same as with the bin status report). From this display you can select the stock to be transferred and create the respective transfer orders.

To manually create a transfer order

  1. Choose Logistics Logistics Execution Internal Whse Processes Bins and Stock Block from the SAP menu.
  2. Enter the warehouse number and storage type. You can limit the entry to a storage bin or range of storage bins.The system displays a stock list.
  3. From the list displayed, select line items which are not blocked (a lock appears at the beginning of the line) that you want to move to another bin.
  4. To specify the destination storage bin, select Stock transf.frgrnd (stock transfer foreground).To allow the system to select a destination bin for you, select Stock transf.bckgrnd (stock transfer background).The system creates a transfer order to move the stock.
  5. Once you have moved the stock to the new bin location, confirm the transfer order to complete the transaction.

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