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The inquiries call up information on material stock or handling units. Different views are available for handling units. You can print a shipping label or handling unit label immediately when displaying the detailed information.

The following inquiries are available:

  • Stock Overview
  • Handling Unit Detail
  • Load Inquiry by Shipment
  • Load Inquiry by Delivery
  • Load Inquiry by Handling Unit

Inquiries: Stock Overview
With this function, you can call up information on material stock sorted by storage bin, goods receipt date, or shelf life expiration date.


  1. Choose Inquiries Stock Overview.
  2. Enter the material, plant, and storage type.
  3. Choose one of the three sort criteria:
    • F7 Sort by storage bin
    • F8 Sort by goods receipt date
    • F9 Sort by shelf life expiration date
      The dialog screen Inquiry Material Stock Overview appears.
    • To scroll through the screens, choose Page up (^) or Page down (v).

Inquiries: Handling Unit
This inquiry displays detailed information on the handling unit (HU), which is assigned to a delivery or a shipment. You can select different views: Lower-level handling units, material, and warehouse management. Printing of labels is supported in this inquiry.


  1. Choose Inquiries Handling Unit Detail.
  2. Enter the handling unit number.
  3. Choose F4 Next. The system displays the packaging material for this handling unit.

Additional Functions
Lower-Level Handling Unit

  • With F7 HU View, you call up information on any existing lower-level handling units.

Material Information

  • With F8 Material View, you call up information on the material. The name of the material, the quantity, the unit of measure, the material description, the batch, the stock category, and the special stock indicator will be displayed.

Warehouse Management Information

  • With F9 Warehouse Management View, you can call up information on the storage unit, the warehouse number, the storage type, and the storage bin.
    This information is only available if the storage location is HU-managed.

Print Labels

  • With F6 Print, you can print a label if you have created your own user exit. For more information about printing labels, see Printing Using the User Exit.

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