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Reserve storage areas are generally used to supply materials for goods issue. When you bypass the warehouse, the material is not removed from a reserve storage area. Instead, the material for a goods issue is taken directly from the goods receipt interim storage area. In this way you avoid transferring material from the goods receipt area into the warehouse and then from the warehouse to the goods issue interim storage area. As a result, the material reaches the goods issue area sooner.

Within WM, pre-allocated stock is typically material that is required for goods issue, for example backordered stock, material needed in production or material requested by a customer, which is not in the warehouse. When you create a transfer order to place material into stock, the system checks to see if the material is designated as "pre-allocated". If so, the system displays a message identifying the goods as pre-allocated stock.

Stock Placement with Active Bypass
The system activates the active bypass, when it identifies a "pre-allocated" material in a stock placement transfer order. The material is not placed in reserve storage but is routed directly from the goods receipt interim storage area to the destination that you have specified in the stock-out table.

  1. When you create the transfer order for stock placement, the system looks at the movement type record to determine if it should check the material for pre-allocated stock.
  2. If the pre-allocated stock indicator is set for the movement type, the system then checks the stock-out table. Data about stock that has already been allocated to fill an order is stored in this table.
  3. If the material is listed in the stock-out table, the system activates the active bypass and displays a message on the Transfer Order Preparation screen to inform you that the material is pre-allocated stock.


  1. From the preparation screen for creating a transfer order choose Pre-allocated stock.
    The system displays the information in the stock-out table for the material. The pushbuttons on this screen allow you to select, deselect and delete entries and adopt open quantities that are to be processed.
  2. On the pre-allocated stock screen you can enter a quantity in the Selected qty field or mark a line and choose the Calculate selected quantity icon.
  3. If you select the Calculate icon, the system copies the open quantity in the stock-out table into the Selected qty field. However, if the quantity needed for the TO is less than the quantity in the stock-out table, the system enters the smaller quantity into the Selected qty field and reduces the stock-out table quantity accordingly when you post the data to the database.

  4. To create the transfer order item, choose either Edit For stock placementForeground or Edit For stock placement Background.
  5. Once you have finished creating the transfer order items, save the transfer order to the database. If the quantity is equal to or more than the quantity entered in the stock-out table, the system removes the entry from the table when you confirm the transfer order.

Setting up Active Bypass for Putaway
For the relevant movement types for goods receipt, you set the pre-allocated stock indicator. If a material is needed for production or for a customer order but it is not in stock in the warehouse, you enter it into the stock-out table. To set up the relevant movement type for active bypass

  1. Choose Logistics Execution Warehouse Management Activities Transfers Define movement types in Customizing for Warehouse Management.
  2. After you select the movement type, select Consider Pre-alloc. (in the Control area of the screen).
    To enter material into the stock-out table:
  3. Choose Logistics Logistics Execution Outbound Process Goods Issue for Other Transactions Picking Maintain Missing Stock. from the SAP menu. The system displays a list of entries in the stock-out table.
  4. To enter new pre-allocated stock, choose Edit New entries.

The system displays a screen on which you enter information about the pre-allocated stock. On this screen you must enter the warehouse number, material, plant, storage location, current number, storage type and storage bin where the material is needed, and the required quantity. The system uses the current number to differentiate entries for the same material. You can enter any number for the current number.

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