Controlling the Inventory Process - SAP WM

There are several objects that the system uses to control the inventory process. How youmaintain the objects to define is described below.

  • Inventory list parameters
  • Movement types for differences

Inventory List Parameters
These parameters control what is printed on the warehouse inventory list and what is displayed on the screen for entering the results of the inventory count. To define the inventory list parameters, see the section on defining default values under Activities Inventory in the Warehouse Management IMG documentation.

In the table displayed you enter all storage types for which you want to carry out an annual inventory or a continuous inventory. For each storage type you define the parameters for the layout of the data entry screen for inventory results and the format of the printed warehouse inventory list. For example you decide whether the inventory list should include the material number or if the system should issue a warning message when the difference between the counted amount and the book amount deviates by a specified percentage or monetary value.

Movement Type for Inventory Differences
In WM inventory differences are posted to a interim storage area for differences. This interim storage area for inventory differences is determined by the WM movement type. For positive and negative inventory differences, movement types must be assigned to a warehouse.

To assign movement types in the warehouse number record, see the Warehouse Management IMG documentation. After differences have been identified and collected in the interim storage area, they must be recorded in the IM component. This process is carried out using IM movement types.

To assign IM movement types to your warehouse, see the section on clearing differences under Activities _ Inventory in the Warehouse Management IMG documentation. In the table of IM movement types for clearing inventory differences, you enter a

  • Stock category (such as inspection stock or returned stock, if appropriate)
  • Movement type for positive differences (Post invent. difference field)
  • Movement type for negative differences (Clear invent. difference field).Both movement types point to an interim storage area (such as 999 Interim Storage Type for Differences in the standard system) with dynamic coordinates.

Deviation in Monetary Values
You can select monetary currencies from several countries and enter actual monetary values in addition to entering percentage values as a threshold for data calculation and the display of inventory record items in Warehouse Management (WM). This is possible when you

  • Process inventory recounts
  • Clear inventory differences
  • Display the inventory evaluation difference list

WM uses these entries to calculate the value of stock inventoried to check whether or not the monetary deviation exceeds the threshold. Monetary deviations are differences in value between the counted quantity and the book quantity. If the system cannot calculate a deviation in value (for example, for non-valuated returned stock), it displays an appropriate message.

When you display the inventory evaluation difference list, the system displays a list of the items in system inventory records for which there is a deviation that exceeds the percentage or monetary value you enter on the initial screen of this report. Since this function uses the general list viewer, you can decide which fields you want to display on the screen for this evaluation. These include:

  • Relative deviation for each storage bin
  • Deviation with comments
  • Deviations in value (summable)

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