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This section describes delivery processing which requires a bi-directional data exchange. The R/2-R/3 Link to Shipping is discussed in the R/3 SD Shipping Guide [Ext.] and in the R/2 System Description "Decentralized Shipping" Form V04.2/4 Release 5.0. For information about configuring the R/2-R/3 Shipping link, refer to the SD Shipping Implementation Guide.

Connection to Shipping
Processing in R/3 Shipping makes it possible to carry out all shipping activities without an active connection to a central sales system. As with the R/3 WM system, this permits processing of shipping activities even when the host system is not available.

Bi-directional Process

  1. Delivery data is transmitted from the R/2 RV Shipping component and received by a receiving program in the R/3 SD Shipping system.
  2. In the R/3 System, deliveries are automatically created for the SD Shipping system.
  3. Via an interface to WM, a transfer order is created for the delivery and passed back to the SD system.
  4. The SD system then transmits a communication document with the appropriate data back to the R/2 RV Shipping component where it is posted.
  5. Goods issues in the R/2 Inventory Management system are updated as described in R/2 → R/3 Processes.
  6. Bi-directional Process

Analyzing Communication Documents Received in Shipping
Procedures used to evaluate and process communication documents and errors which result from using the Shipping component are exactly the same as for WM. For a complete description of these procedures, see The Analysis Tool.

Setting up the Shipping Control Tables
Although some tables used in R/3 Shipping may not directly link that system to WM, it is still necessary to maintain them so that deliveries can be properly processed in WM. These tables link the R/2 System with the Shipping component in R/3.

R/3 Shipping Control Tables

R/3 Shipping Control Tables

Relationship of R/3 Shipping to WM
When an R/3 Shipping component is connected to the R/2 host in conjunction with an R/3 Warehouse Management system, all deliveries are processed in WM in exactly the same manner as in the integrated system. For complete information about this topic, see Goods Issues Based on a Delivery.
General Process
In the R/2 system you create material master records and delivery documents based on sales orders or scheduling agreements.

  1. The section R/2 _ R/3 Processes explains how material master records are sent to the R/3 System for further processing.
  2. Delivery documents are also transmitted to the R/3 System to be processed in the SD and WM components.
  3. When the processing is complete, the communication documents with the completed delivery data are retransmitted to the R/2 System. To post goods issues for deliveries WM supports the random picking technique.

Multiple Processing for Deliveries
As with transfer requirements, you also have the possibility to create several deliveries using multiple processing in the R/3 WM component. The procedure is basically the same as multiple processing of transfer requirements. You can assign several deliveries to a group and then create transfer orders and print the associated documents using the group number. This procedure is described in Releasing Stock from Inspection in IM.

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