Basics for Goods Movements - SAP WM

In the Warehouse Management system (WMS), there are two types of goods movements:

  • Movements that affect only the warehouse, such as stock transfers within a warehouse
  • Movements that affect not only the warehouse but also other departments, such as stock transfers to customers or to production Goods movements in WMS are generally initiated by another system, such as Inventory Management (IM) or Sales and Distribution (SD).

Goods movement within the warehouse from one storage type to another
You use a transfer order to move materials from one storage type to another for each goods movement in WMS. You record all material information that is relevant for goods movements in the transfer order. The actual stock quantity and total stock quantity in the system do not change during goods movements within the WMS.

Goods movements involving interim storage areas
Goods movements involving inventory management (MM-IM) use interim storage areas. An interim storage area is a logical (and, in some cases, physical) storage area that is used to exchange quantity data between Inventory Management and Warehouse Management. Interim storage areas for goods receipts, goods issues, and differences are used to temporarily store data before it is posted to the storage areas in the warehouse.

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