Adding Goods to Existing Stock - SAP WM

When addition to existing stock has been defined for a storage type, the system places goods in storage bins that already contain the same material. When you create the transfer order for putaway, the system looks at the storage type record to determine if the strategy or the indicator allows additional stock.

  1. If additions to existing stock are allowed, choose Goto Add to existing stock from the transfer order preparation screen to display the information about the storage bins in which the material is already being stored. This screen shows the storage type and bin, total stock in the storage bin and the remaining bin capacity.
  2. On the addition to existing stock screen you can select the storage bin or bins in which you want to place the stock by selecting the S column.
    To create the transfer order item, choose either Edit Putaway Foreground or Edit Putaway Background. If the strategy for the storage type is set for additional stock, the system automatically selects the appropriate storage bin.
  3. Once you have completed creating the transfer order item, choose Transfer order Post from the preparation screen to save the transfer order to the database.

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