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How to share reports in SAP Webi?

Webi content can be published outside Webi documents by publishing report elements like charts and tables as web services. This is called BI services.

Publishing as Web Services

For publishing a Webi document as web services, open the report in Design mode. You can use Publish Content Wizard to publish Webi document. Report should be saved in BI repository for publishing as web services.

Select the Report Element you want to publish, right-click and click ‘Publish as Web Service’.


This opens the Publish Content Wizard → Click ‘Next’.

Publishing Prompts

For web services, prompts must be reproduced multiple times for producing different responses. Select the prompts which you want to Publish and click ‘Next’.

If you are not selecting any prompts for publishing, web services make use of prompt value which was supplied when the document was last refreshed.

Defining Web Services

Before publishing a block as a web service, use the ‘Define Published Content’ screen in the publish content wizard to name the table, see that filters are available on the block data and select the server where the block is published.

Save and Publish as Web Services

Use the ‘Publish new content’ or ‘Re-publish Existing Content as Web Service’ screen in the Publish Content wizard for saving and publishing the web service to a host server.

To re-publish an existing web service, select the web service, click ‘Publish’.

For publishing a new web service, select the folder where you want to publish the content and click ‘Create to display the Publish Web Service’ dialog box.

Enter the name of the web service in the web service box and add the description → Select Authentication method for the web service from the Authentication list.

Click Ok and it will save and publish the web service.

Choose the web service where you wish to publish → Click Finish.

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