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How to set BI Preferences?

In this chapter we will discuss how to set BI preferences.

Setting BI Preferences

BI Launchpad preferences can be set for below tasks.


General Preferences − these are defined by the administrator. You can reset your password, set time zone, locales preferences and Web Intelligence preferences.


General Tab – this tab is used to set user default settings.

Change Password – this is based on your user access.

Locales and Time Zone – this is used to set product locale, preferred viewing locale, current time zone.

Analysis Edition for OLAP – this is used to define accessibility mode.

Web Intelligence − you can select the interfaces to use for view and modify modes. You can also select a Default Universe, set drill options. You can also select saving priorities while saving a report in .xls format.


BI Workspaces – this is used for selecting a default stylesheet to use when creating a new workspace.

Crystal Reports – this is used for setting crystal reports options like printing options, default measuring unit, etc.

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