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What is SAP Web Dynpro Messages?

In ABAP Workbench, one can also create and show messages that comprise information for end users of Dynpro application. These messages are showed on the screen. These are user communicating messages that show important info about Web Dynpro application.

To deliver users with data, cautionary or error details, you can program these methods in ABAP workbench using runtime service.
These messages are arranged under Setting on Web Dynpro application. You can assign different settings for handling messages in Web Dynpro application −

Show message component − In this case, if the message exists, it will be displayed.

Always show message component − Even if there is no message, the message component is shown at the top.

The message is displayed without the component − In this setting, one message is displayed and no message log exists.

All these user messages are revealed in the status bar. The user can sail across to the UI element to eliminate the error in the error message.

Messages in popup window − in this outline, you can set the message to display in the popup window, irrespective of what is configured in Web Dynpro application.

You can configure the following popup messages to display −

  • Messages belong to specific window
  • All the messages till now
  • No messages

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